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ProClip Vehicle Mount & TomTom Navigation Dock Unboxing

by Bryan Glynn, March 4, 2011
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ProClip Vehicle Mount & TomTom Navigation Dock Unboxing

As a cigar smoker I often needs my hands free! Of course this kind of thing *I suppose* could be used for such things as in car calling, navigation, etc. too! This is an unboxing of a custom vehicle mount for a 2005 MINI Copper S, and the exclusive TomTom docking unit for the ProClip System. Both will be mounted in to my car, that video will follow at a later time. This system offers the conveninece of non-permanent yet very stable installation in to any vehicle. Mounts are avilable for consoles, vents, dash boards, etc. and device mounts are available in multiple configurations for just about anything you can think of. Visit the site ProClipUSA.com to get yours! Photography by BGPictures.com

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