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Torres Candela Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 21, 2011
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Torres Candela Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×48 stick offers a pale green wrapper that is extremely thin and fragile. This particular sample (unfortunately the only one supplied) does have a couple tears, but the binder may hold alright. It has a soft dry feel, minimal veins, stretch marks, good seams and a soft peppery tobacco aroma. First light reveals the wrapper tear to not be a problem and it’s putting off a great amount of thick super sweet smoke. The draw is nothing but sugary goodness, and a light tobacco settles in on the finish with a bit of a tingle. Draw is perfect, just a light resistance. The first third pulls medium-full flavors of a super sweet peppery leather, with a long but downplayed finish of mostly the pepper and sweetness. The burn is very slow, ending the first third at 30 min with flavors of a woody tobacco and pepper with a bit of the sweetness. 50 min in just past the 1/2 way point, flavors transition to a big blast of caramel and oily tobacco while the smoke output increases even more. Ending at 1:30 the last third bring a full body taste of a rich oily caramel coffee and a super long finish with tons of smoke. Thank you very much to TheCigarRoomShop.com for sending this for review, I appreciate it!

  • Chaz

    Wow. I haven’t had many candelas, and the few I have tried have been underwhelming, but this sounds like quite the ride! I might have to give these a shot- great review as always.

  • Cigar Chick

    I’ve only had a few candelas (fuente, camacho and illusione). I will have to look into this one. A very nice cigar review

  • Brad Perkins

    Bryan, have you ever tried liquid fruit pectin to fix an unraveling wrapper? If so, might be a cool idea for a video in the future. I noticed you mention the wrapper issues with this cigar. I usually keep a small supply of pectin in the fridge in the rare case I have issues with a wrapper, especially near the cap. It works better than spit (although for minor issues spit usually does the trick). You can pick up pectin at any grocery store. It comes in packs that can make using it a little messy so I usually squeeze it into a small plastic bottle for use. Just a thought.

  • I know it’s used for assembly, and there have been a couple times when I had an unraveling wrapper but so for just wetting it with my finger has done the trick. In this particular case though it was a crack, not unraveling, nothing like that would have helped if it leaked.

  • Rich

    Ordered a few of these from the site (afetr watching the vid) for times when I want something a little different. Had a Camacho Candela a few years ago that came in a sampler. I enjoyed it but have not seen them since. I look forward to enjoying one again.

  • Rich

    My Torres candelas arrived just in time for cigar night and oh yeah that first third was cane sugar sweet. But my favorite transition was the last third–magnificent oaky wood and hay. Very unique. No tobacco flavor at all just this wood and grassy flavor. Tons of heavy smoke. Thanks for a great tip. These will be awesome to trade at the next HURF. CHEERS!

    • DairyLandCigarFan414

      where can I find these cigars online I’ve been looking around but can’t seem to find a site that sells them…

      • BrianBenedict

        In the description he thanks TheCigarRoomShop.com, a cigar bar in the Austin,Tx area (where I live). Torres is a cigar brand based in Austin,Tx and isn’t sold on the big cigar sites. Maybe you could see if you can get them from there like he did.

  • stevenknisley

    Wow searching for candelas on this site I find this and now I really want one. Great review.

  • morpi167

    Candelas seem to be really polarizing in people for some reason. I haven’t tried one yet, but this one sounds like the most interesting compared to other candela reviews.

  • srydzanich

    I cant seem to find these anywhere…possibly some help here, i would love to try one

  • srydzanich

    duh i found my answer in a previous comment lol

  • psehunter


  • Bill

    this is really a cigar i would like

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