Rumba Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 8, 2011
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Rumba Torpedo Cigar Review

This 6×54 stick offers a dry soft tan wrapper with minimal veins, invisible seams, a very thin wrapper and a soft wrap and pack with spongy spots here and there. First light reveals an extremely loose draw, tons of medium bodied smoke with flavors of a peppery and slightly spicy dry tobacco with a long zingy finish. The first third burns fast but even, giving sweet woody flavors with a pepper and spice zing especially on the finish. Near the 1/2 way point it gets creamier with a coffee and slight mocha. The last third quickly goes even creamier like a hazelenut and brings up the smoke and pepper zing even more, ending at 40 min with medium-full body and almost full strength making me a bit light headed! Thank you very much to for sending this for review!

  • Scott

    Great review as always. Might as well enjoy a smoke when the lights go out!

  • Non Smoker Critic

    Well Done… Thumbs Up…

  • Matt

    Mr. Glynn,

    I ran upon information about the Gurkha’s His Majesty’s Reserve cigar and wondered if you knew anything about it or ever encountered anything like it. More importantly, I think it would be awesome to see what your review on such a cigar would be like. Point of interest being whether or not paying all that money ($500 a stick) would really change the quality of the cigar all that much. What do you think? How about doing a once-in-a-lifetime type review for Cigar Obsession fans? As far as I can tell, there is no one who has videoed a review of Gurkha’s His Majesty’s Reserve. You could make cigar review history!


    • Frankly I don’t have to wonder because no cigar is worth anything close to that to me. Cigars like that are for marketing.

  • Matt

    I’m sure your right about that. Still it would be an interesting review, no?

  • Very nice review. I haven’t had this one yet.

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