D’Crossier Golden Blend Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 28, 2011
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D’Crossier Golden Blend Torpedo Cigar Review

This 6 1/8×52 stick offers a medium brown wrapper with a soft satin feel, minimal veins, invisible seams, even firm construction and a rich, oily tobacco aroma with a bit of pepper. First light reveals a medium body of buttery soft, sweet nuts and cedar with a very rich thick mouthfeel. The draw is firm but smoke output is good. The first third develops in to a rich oily buttery nut and wood combo, with soft thick smoke. The draw opened up a bit, still slightly firm but no problem. The burn is perfect, almost razor sharp and the ash is holding in solid as a rock. 35 min in near the 1/2 way point flavors change to a deeper nut and wood flavors with an earthy finish and a touch of pepper. The smoke is still rich and oily, but it’s not as buttery and oily on the draw. Body is medium-full but I have no strength kick yet. 55 min in the cigar completely went out all of a sudden. I had to snip off 1/2″ because it had tunneled badly and had a very hard ring develop at the end. Ending at 1:10, the last third transitions to a minty nut on the draw followed by a buttery caramel on the finish. Thank you very much to PureAromaCigars.com for generously providing this sample for review!

  • Jeffrey

    Great review Bryan. I just discovered your website recently and wanted to express how much I enjoy your reviews and how I really appreciate your unbiased approach. You explain what the cigar puts out and the experience it has to offer, and just that, nothing more. That’s exactly how I’d want someone to review a cigar so thanks for that Bryan.

  • Brad Perkins

    Sounds like an interesting stick. The caramel and mint at the end make this one an unusual cigar. I have never heard of the brand before but am going to have to check them out. The burn problem you had in the middle has happened to me with other cigars from time to time, most notably the Casa Magna Colorado Robusto (CA’s 2008 cigar of the year). Never thought of clipping it like that but it seemed to solve the problem better than a re-light, I’ll have to try that next time. Good review, thanks Bryan, take care.

  • TriMarkC

    Seems Brad wrote all my thoughts, as well – carmel & mint unique, unusual burn problem before but never thought of snipping the end like that, and even the “Good review, thanks Bryan, take care”. 🙂

  • Rich

    Thanks for the review. Another cigar to look for and try out. I am actually looking for more of the “chewy”/”creamy” cigars (ever since I had an Avo Companero).

  • Great review Brian, that cigar sounds very interesting. I’d love to get my hands on one of those. Any idea what the price is on a stick?

  • Bryan not Brian….my bad, sorry about that pal.

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