Pinar Del Rio Reserva Dominicana Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 14, 2011
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Pinar Del Rio Reserva Dominicana Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×52 stick offers a dark chocolate wrapper with minimal veins, tight seams, a rich oily feel with a slightly spongy give and dense pack. It has a closed foot with the outter wrapper leaf folder over the end, plus a pigtail on the cap. The aroma is very rich and oily giving a chocolate and tobacco scent. First light reveals an effortless draw, mild-medium flavors of an oily but dry tobacco and a slight pepper and spice kick primarily on the finish. One unique thing is that it outs off a huge amount of smoke just sitting – it’s a fairly fast burner to begin with but is constantly giving off a nice aromatic smoke from the foot. The first third shows the same flavors as the start but in a smoother mouthfeel with a touch of leather here and there. 20 min in near the 1/2 way point the flavors shift to a softer almost buttery caramel, still on the mild side – but the strength kicks up to medium-full giving me a slight head rush! Ending at the 1 hour mark, the second 1/2 really slowed down in burn speed, allowing me to enjoy the flavors more, which is a good thing. Those flavors didn’t change from the 1/2 way point, continuing the smooth experience. Thank you very much to for sending this for review!

EDIT: I mistakenly call it the Toro in the video. The Toro is a 6″ long.

  • Sal in GA

    You always make me want whatever cigar you’re smoking, Bryan. I checked out the PDR website – you’re a huge star over there too – and from what I can gather this cigar is pre-release? Looks like it’s coming out in the IPCPR 2011 show?

    I’m new to the PDR scene, I just bought a 5 pack of the classico and I love the flavor profile. They seem very similar to the CAO Black, but with just a bit more chewiness. Looking forward to smoking the rest of the line 🙂

  • Jcalderon

    I saw this video when you first posed it and had to try them, since then thay have become my go to stick…love them

  • PoisonAvi

    Just smoked one. Good smoke. 3 Stars.

    Enjoyable smoke but I would have enjoyed more flavour, perhaps when my palate develops more.

  • Bill

    My question is one I might know the answer to ,but not sure.So i figured I would ask you.Your reviews have been very informative.I have only been smoking since april,I have bought all of my cigars from Thompson.The only flavors I can taste at all are ,cedar,oak and maybe a little coffee.Even when I have bought,feunte,romeo and juliette and P.D.R. I dont remember tasting anything at all like you do.what am i doing wrong ,it seems like I am missing alot.Thankyou for the job you do.I will keep watcging and keep learning I hope Bill DeLuca

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