Cuban Crafters Revolution Cigar Scissors Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 10, 2011
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Cuban Crafters Revolution Cigar Scissors Review

This is a three blade scissor design that used hinged aperture blades to evenly cut the cigar cap from three sides simultaneously with one scissor action. The unit is aluminum and stainless steel with exceptional construction. The blades are razor sharp, the tolerances and finish impeccable. For those that prefer the rigor of cutting their cigars with scissors this may be something you really enjoy using! For those not used to scissors you might find the cuts to be a bit on the ragged side compared to a guillotine. No matter your personal taste in cutter design, this is an inexpensive unit that is sure to cause discussion whenever you bring it out! Thank you very much to Dos Caballos Cigars for sending this sample for review, I greatly appreciate it! Photography by

  • bbarber

    I wondered if these were any good. I agree with you that these would be a great conversation novelty but I can see where the three blades might be a problem as far as creating an uneven “gap” cut.

    • Mike888

      I bought one and it was a piece of junk. I returned it for a replacement and got ripped off. No reply to any of my contacts. A real waste of time and money. This company is a ripp off……………….

  • MaxDuo

    I saw these on amazon a while back and my thoughts were: “Wow, those must be some really good, fancy cutters. I’m just going to get a regular one though.” Glad to know I didn’t miss out on much! I love my perfect cutter by Cuban Crafters… gotten entirely because of you, Bryan!

    On another note, I’ve never actually come across a single blade guillotene. I’m wondering now how cheap they are, as my first cutter was a super cheap double guillotine I got from JR Cigars for $0.50 I believe. It was a bit flimsy and not that great, but it got the job done until I got a higher quality one. I still keep it around as a backup / just in case I lose my other.

  • Bpope31

    I think I need to master my regular guillotine cut before I try something like this. Seems very intense. Looks more like a torture tool.

  • Derek

    This thing looks cool and was a cool idea but the cut isn’t for me.

  • zanlamb

    I have seen someone use one of these and the three blades didnt quite overlap in the centre leaving a small tuft sticking out.

  • RobinsonV

    So I got one of these 2-3 days ago cut 3 cigars with it and I don’t like it I think the problem is that the blades are not as sharp as they should be. So that will b collecting dust until I come up with a way to sharpen it. If it were super sharp it would work better for sure.

  • HerbalJedi

    Hmmmmm on second thought maybe I dont want these cutters. They looked so cool though but Oh well right.

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