Jobon Dual Flame Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 8, 2011
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Jobon Dual Flame Lighter Review

This is an inexpensive metal lighter from Jobon, a Chinese company. It features both a natural butane and jet torch flame in one unit, plus a flip out cigar punch on the bottom. It is marketed both to cigar and pipe smokers, with a little pipe cutout design on the side. It comes with a small carry pouch and features an adjustment screw under the punch on the bottom of the unit. Burn time for the natural flame was 4:00 while the torch lasted 3:45. Thank you very much to Buy for sending this unit for review! Photography by

  • Scott

    first off, I’m glad the frequency of your reviews is going up again. I really enjoy watching them.

    If you look on ebay, theres a couple of jobon lighters that have the 2 different flame types. I bought the other design since it had a fuel window. Like yours, it has an inconsistent flame,but I sill think it’s a neat lighter. build quality isn’t the best, but for $13 shipped to your door, not much you can complain about.

    • I completely agree – you have to factor in the price with these kinds of lighters, *for the money* they can be a good idea.

      • zanlamb

        I still think that you have to factor in the cost of eventually replacing it. It wont take many $13 lighters and before you know it you would have been as well getting a Xicar with a lifetime waranty

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