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Lotus 25 Dual Flame Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 4, 2011
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Lotus 25 Dual Flame Lighter Review

This is a dual flame cigar lighter, with both a natural soft flame plus a jet torch for those days when you need the extra oomph to overcome the wind. The soft flame is actuated by a downward sliding thumb lever on the side, while the torch is ignited via tilting the top over the side. It features a metal capped case with solid plastic inserts, rubberized grips on the front and a fuel level sight window. A single adjustment screw on the bottom is joined by a fill nipple. Burn time for the natural flame was 4:42 while the torch gave 5:10. Thank you very much to BuyLighters.com for sending this sample for review! Photography by BG Pictures.

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