Don Kiki Red Label Limited Reserve Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 20, 2010
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Don Kiki Red Label Limited Reserve Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×52 stick offers a dark brown, dry silky wrapper with quite a bit of spongy give, no veins and invisible seams. The aroma is a soft tobacco and slight black pepper. First light reveals an effortless draw with a ton of rich smoke production. Flavors are a slightly sweet dry tobacco medium-full bodied but very airy and light at the same time. The first third develops along the same lines with a soft dry tobacco and leather on the draw that changes to a pepper and sugar on the long finish. Construction is excellent with a flat burn although it’s very fast, going through the first third in 15 min. Just past the half way point the burn had slowed a bit and flavors have changed to a creamy butter on the draw, keeping the slight sweet and pepper on the finish. Finishing just under 1 hour where it began to get a bit warm and bitter, the ending flavors and performance was just as good from the last change! Overall an excellent bargain stick considering they are under a couple bucks!

  • Non Smoker Critic

    Thumbs Up !!

  • Non Smoker Critic

    I have been posting your reviews on Twitter… Just let me know if its an issue…

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  • K.Vito B.

    The Don Kiki Red Label….ahhhhh…been enjoying this stick for years. Best cheapie on the market. The new robusto is a great 30 min. smoke. Same flavors, very tasty, for the times when time is short. Take care Bryan.

  • Cigar fiend

    Great cigar for the price!!

  • AJ

    Going to order a 4 pack of the Red Label Limited Reserve. Can’t wait to smoke it!

  • superdutyal

    I have been wanting to try this one , also have you tried any of the other Don Kiki blends ?

  • Fabbio

    On a trip to Miami years back we checked out the Cuban crafters shop and Reps for Don Kiki were at the store. Being from Canada (Burlington, Ontario) there is not much awareness of non-cuban brands. I had never heard of this make. The guys gave us a bunch of samples free of charge of the different labels (red,green,brown) they had. This cigar was in the pack. Great smoke. Wish I could get them easier in this neck of the woods.

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