Arturo Fuente Xtra Viejo Anejo No. 46 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 17, 2010
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Arturo Fuente Xtra Viejo Anejo No. 46 Cigar Review

This 5 5/8×46 cigar offers a dark chocolate wrapper, with a very firm and thick feel, minimal veins, tight seams and a slightly bumpy toothy surface. The aroma is rich tobacco with a hint of hay. First light reveals a very firm draw and rich deep flavors of caramel, earth, tobacco and butter with a finish that goes to a heavy black pepper. The first third holds flavors of coffee, cream, a slight sweetness and lots of rich oil. The finish has a bit of pepper and sweetness as well, getting more earth at the end. 45 min in at the half way point, flavors and strength were still up medium-full and the rich creamy, oily qualities really shine through. The remainder of the cigar proved to be consistent, holding all the fine flavors till the nub, which is just fine with me! Never pushing over medium-full strength it was powerful but allowed me to experience the full flavor all the way down.

  • Nathan

    I just had an Anejo this morning! My cigar had a slightly tight draw until the end of the first third. I still got a lot of smoke an flavor from it, so it really didn’t upset me. The Anejo is indeed on par with the Opus X. As almost always, you were spot on with the review. Thanks!

  • Hi Bryan,

    The AF Anejo is always a treat. Your review of the cigar was excellent and as always, your photography is beautiful.

  • Thanks for watching guys 🙂

  • Non Smoker Critic

    Always a pleasure listening to you describe Cigars..

  • walleyboy

    Your reviews suck!

    They always give me a huge urge to smoke!!
    Haha, seriously though Bryan, great reviews. I enjoy all of them very much. Keep em coming. Review an ACID by Drew Estate. Would like your opinion on those. Thanks Again.

    • I recently did a Kuba Kuba – check it out!

  • Boucher207

    This cigar is incredibly dark. Def thought it was dyed.

  • BCamara

    I have one of these sitting in my humidor. After watching your review, it makes it hard to just let that thing sit there and age. I think ill be smoking it soon now.

  • BCamara

    I’m still letting this thing age… It’s definitely not easy looking at it everyday.

  • Bigdave

    These Anejos have wrappers that were aged in oak Cognac barrels are they not?

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