Humidipak & Boveda Humidification System Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 15, 2010
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The Humidipak and Boveda system offers maintenance and worry-free humidification of your humidors, boxes and loose stick collection. The system is very easy to use. Simply place the disposable pouches with your cigars and let them go to work. Every couple months they need to simply be changed out, and your humidification stays at perfect levels.

Pouches are available in three sizes to accommodate small bags, box storage or humidors. Each are available in various humidification levels, ranging from 65 to 75 RH, and the large size available in a special percentage meant for only charging a new, dry humidor.

Over the past several weeks I have tested the system, gauging performance on my digital hygrometers, and found them to be as easy and accurate as described. They keep humidity in the specified ranges, they are easy to gauge when they are depleted and there is nothing more to do!

Thank you very much to Humidipak for sending samples of their line for review, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Big D

    Hey Brian, nice bit on the Humidipak. My humidor is off big time. I will buy this system this weekend. Keep up the good work.
    Also, the last few video’s don’t download on the site. Big D in Dallas.

    • Thanks Big D!

      Not sure what you mean about the vids, they are all the same YouTube vids and play fine – they aren’t for download.

  • Nathan

    I have been using the Bóveda humidification system in my fifty count humidor for one year. The packs always hold the relative humidity within a percent or two of the number printed in the circle. I never have to worry about losing my sizable investment with Bóveda humidipacks like I did with other humidifiers.

  • Chaz

    hey brian- it’s ok to put the packs directly on the cigars?

  • Sure – they aren’t wet on the outside whatsoever.

  • bigbenny

    Bryan how many paks. Do u put in ur humidor because the it states on other websites to place 2 packs for a 50 count humidor. Also watched ur u tube video where do u find the beads u had in the stocking.

    • How many you need is mostly dependent on your environment. I use beads from Heartfelt.

  • DairyLandCigarFan414

    I have a little cheap 75 cigar humi from the company that shall not be named and I have a few of these in it and have had it sitting for over 6 months and other than when i rotate my sticks the humidity stays right around 70 within 3 or 4 points up or down.

  • Bpope31

    These are really cool. Ill have to get some of these to see how accurate my hygrometer is and so I can have very easy maintenance free humidity levels. My small humidor should have no problem with its humidity with these in it. I like that they last for 2 months also. Great video!

  • puffrey

    I have been using Humicare packs in my 100 count and I must say I did a poor job of calibrating the hygrometer before I proceeded to settle my sticks in. Needless to say monitoring it is has been day to day and I need to stop being lazy and get something like these.

    • puffrey

      I replaced my Humipaks in my humi with the Xicar gel crystal and am using 70% PG solution….the humidity level has come up abut 5% which leads me to believe that my humi levels were low for about the last 6 months.

  • MaxDuo

    I’ve received this with cigars I’ve ordered a few times… I tend to just toss them in my humidor and then take them out and toss them in a case/bag/whatever I’m carrying cigars in. I like them but wouldn’t want to keep buying and throwing them away myself.

    I did look up that Little Havano on amazon and it seems to have a lot of bad reviews. Looks like they sent out a bad, inaccurate batch at some point? I have another little small digital one that is accurate to ~2% and just a small rectangle… I’d still keep the Little Havano in mind for a second humidor if I ever needed one.

  • samgiroux42

    I swear by my Bovieda Packs…love them. I know that the package says you cannot recharge them, but you can. Put them in a sealed zip-lock bag with a shot glass of water and in a week or so, the pack will be recharged and works great. Not sure how long I can do this, but so far so good.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    I have a small waterproof case with a seal and clips around it I use for fishing. I’m taking a road trip soon. Do you think if I put a Boveda in the box with some Cigars they’d stay humidified?

    • zanlamb

      Definitely. That’s exactly what I do when I’m going anywhere. The only other thing I do is put my case in a cool bag and that helps stop them getting to hot or cold.

  • gumby_130

    I use them for my cigar bombs, and lost bet to BOTL .

  • eric.hanson

    or anyone who’s interested in getting some of these, I used these for about a year and they worked great. Pretty much no maintnance needed at ll. They kept the humidity level really well. If you use enough of them for the space you’re using it in they’ll last you about 4-6 months. I would still be usingthem if they we’e so pricy.

  • Trockman5150

    Glynn, curious why you prefer Heartfelt Beads over the Boveda packs?

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