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Tatuaje Anarchy Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 30, 2010
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Tatuaje Anarchy Cigar Review

Cigar Obsession was selected to be among the first in the country to sample the new limited Edition Tatuaje Anarchy. Back in the spring of 2009, Abe Dababneh of Smoke Inn approached his good friend, Pete Johnson regarding the idea. Pete was immediately on board. After about 6 different attempts, they felt Pete and Pepin struck gold with a blend that they were proud of.

The wrapper used is a very special proprietary crop of Ecuadorian Habano leaf that Pepin & Pete personally chose for the project. The binder and filler is Nicaraguan, and blended to perfection. The National Release Party will be held December 10th at the West Palm Beach location of Smoke Inn with both Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia in attendance. Pre-orders are available through Smoke Inn.

This 6×50 to 6×58 or so perfecto stick offers a thick, hearty dark chocolate wrapper with medium veins, with minor tooth and a rich chocolaty aroma. It features a unique pigtail cap that’s coiled like a snake on the head. First light reveals an easy draw, plenty of rich smoke giving a medium bodied earthy core of flavors with a big black pepper kick that builds on the long finish. The first third really picked up after getting over the foot taper, giving much more smoke than the initial light. Body is medium-full with flavors of a dry milk chocolate and earthy core, with a long deep finish of black pepper without the spice kick. 45 min in the 2nd third begins with a more creamy and buttery flavor of chocolate, while the pepper dies down a touch on the finish. Strength is up there but not full, just a nice kick. Ending at just under the 2 hour mark, the last third provides the same experience as the previous, continuing with a great smoking experience and bold rich flavors without the full strength kick! Thank you very much to Smoke Inn for generously sending samples for review!

  • austin_smoker

    No video, Bryan?

  • DOH that’s what I get get for posting so late LOL – there ya go!

  • JohnG

    Thanks for the information Byran. I have read quite a bit about the Tatuaje Anarchy and hopefully I will get the opportunity to try it. Your input seals the deal.

  • Austin_smoker

    Great review, Bryan!

    Where did you disappear to there for a while? I really enjoy your video reviews and was having some cigar obsession withdrawals!! 🙂 glad you’re back!

  • I was doing a big work project then went on vacation!

  • Aaron

    Sounds like a real nice cigar, hopefully I can find a couple! Keep up the great work you do here.

  • Jared Russell

    Thanks for the review. I purchased a box from Smoke Inn. They just arrived… can’t wait to fire one up!!

  • OrsonWelles72

    Was in Florida for a few days recently and picked a few because of your review! Great purchase, amazing review again! Thanks!

  • Anarky

    *sigh* I really wanted to try one, but SmokeInn doesn’t ship to Canada 🙁 Oh well, at least Atlantic does…

  • Bpope31

    Honestly when I first heard of this I just thought it was some stupid end of the world gimmick, but everyone seems to really love this cigar. Now I’m gonna have to give it a try as I continue my quest to try tons of different cigars.

    • nvizble

      @bpope This is about Anarchy, not Apocalypse. Same idea and family, but totally different cigars. I love these, but the new ones came to meet a little hard and dry. Try them both out and see!

  • nvizble

    Having gone thru two and a half boxes of these, I was down to my last stick and saving it for something really special. I like these that much! This week I was able to score 5 more of them so I’m happy!

  • AngSolo

    I love this cigar….I enjoy smelling it pre light kinda like ccocoa powder. It is a little strong for me but I found the Apocalypse to be stronger. I find I need to have a nice greasy meal before and im fine with the strength. I’m down to only 4 and they don’t make em anymore…at least you get good smoke time out of them

  • eric.hanson

    One of my all time favorite sticks! Glad I still have a few of these in one of my humidors, since they’re no longer in production. Great review!

    • Mobleyjared

      When they were still being produced how much they go for? And where you get your humidifier?

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