Ramirez Habano Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, September 11, 2010
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Ramirez Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick offers a dark brown smooth thin wrapper, with small veins, tight even seams, a triple cap and a pungent peppery smooth tobacco aroma. First light reveals a very oily creamy smoke with flavors of deep slightly sweet tobacco. Draw is tight and smoke output is ok. 45 min in the flavors have been very consistent with a smooth, deep earthy tobacco flavor, with a dry mouth feel but leaving a heavy oil, very unique! The finish is short but the deep earth stays around. Ending at 1:15 where it got too hot for my taste, the stick gave the exact same flavors all the way down, yet increased in enjoyment and quality from the rich smoke output and perfect construction. Thank you very much to Tabacalera Ramirez for generously donating this stick for review.

  • Scott

    Lol you threw in a “that’s what she said!”. What made it better was that you did it so casually. Bravo! As always, great review. Keep um coming

  • Greg

    Hands down he has cigar reviews nailed… best I’ve seen and I don’t even smoke…used to many many yrs ago…

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