Canimao Robusto Extra Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, September 4, 2010
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Canimao Robusto Extra Cigar Review

This 6 1/8×52 stick offers a medium tan wrapper with a firm smooth feel, minimal veins, tight seams, a few splotches here and there and a good double cap. The aroma is a potent potpourri type smell with a nice little zing. First light reveals a very easy draw, good thick smoke production, and flavors of a very dry earthy tobacco. The first third is very smooth with medium bodied earthy tobacco and a mild pepper kick with a pleasant smooth long finish and creamy aftertaste. 45 min in at the half way point the strength of this stick really got to me! It is a FULL strength cigar while only medium bodied. For those liking power, this is right up your alley! The last third continues the great performance and adds a tough of caramel and licorice rounding out the general sweetness. The strength and body also match up at a solid medium-full, just where I like it. Ending at just under 2 hours the stick proved to have a great burn time for the money with decent complexity and excellent construction. Thank you very much to Canimao Cigars for generously sending this sample for review!

  • DrCigarLover

    Great job on the review, I appreciate the assessment of cigars that are somewhat unknown, at least to me. I have never heard or considered Canimao cigars, but the virtues of great construction and burn quality I look for, not to mention a 2 hour smoke, will definitely make me keep my eyes open for it.



  • KingBlu

    Nice job on the Canimao, same here I have never heard of that cigar but it looks like a nice stick. I will look for one very soon.


  • Stefan Nychka

    Thanks for the review. Especially as this is the second review I’ve seen (Ed & Tom at Tom’s Cigars: generally praising this cigar, I really need to keep my eyes open and grab one if the opportunity arises.


  • swillard3

    Really great reviews, I get lost for hours in your reviews and have tried a lot of different cigars thanks to your reviews, great job man keep them coming

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