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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 23, 2010
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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote Cigar Review

This 4.5×50 box pressed maduro stick offers a dark chocolate, satin wrapped stick with firm construction, minimal veins, tight seams, a ton of oil sheen and feel and a mild peppery tobacco aroma. First light reveals a plain deep medium bodies tobacco with a heavy after taste. The entire rest of the 45 min experience was exactly the same – very plain with a bad aftertaste of plain tobacco. I want my $2 back.

  • Steve

    I had always wondered what these sticks were like,now I know.Nice touch with the toss.

  • JohnG

    The last time I had one of these was almost 2 years ago. Don’t remember a thing about them. I still have a couple in the humidor that have been sitting since then. Wonder if it will make a difference. Might give it a try. I like the toss…LOL.

  • ryanmo45

    Wow Bryan my exp is usualy spot on with yours but it differed with this one. This is 2 years later and I payed like 5 for mine and it was I guess I would say a churchill size. I found it to be great. Sweet warm tobacco flavors and the last third brought a flavor I have never had before. I swear it was coconut. Surprised the hell out of me and it took a few draws to really register but then it was like drinking from a bottle of malibu. Interesting and delicious….will have to get a couple more.

    • Well, when you smoke the cigar I did, let me know if it’s still different 😉 Size matters!

      • ryanmo45

        Ill do you one better than that brother. You are my cigar authority when it comes to reviews and recommendations so Ill hit my shop grab one from the same box and let you smoke the same cigar I did. Im veeeery interested now to see if you get what I got from this size. Look out for it next week brother and thanks for all you do!

        • Boucher207

          I purchased one of these as well, and i paid about $5 but mine was the La Mancha, i also had great flavors much like Ryanmo45.

      • ryanmo45

        Bryan…my man….it’s been almost 2 years since this post. You gotta review the one I sent you man. Haha

  • James

    I’ve got two of the same size in my humi, haven’t tried one yet but will do tonight and let ya know what I experience.

  • James

    I smoked one of the sancho panza’s I had. Turns out they are lanceros, not quixotes. From first light through the first third it was mild bodied with little flavor. Had a nutty flavor with a hint of leather and little to no aftertaste. As I entered the second third (which is where the ash fell) it transformed slightly, the nutty flavor lessened and the leather flavor heightened as well as a hint of spice coming on. As the second third progressed the spice increased as well as the body. The aftertaste was leathery and lasting a good twenty to thirty seconds. Not much change in the rest except for a slight creaminess. Maybe revisit a different size? I think it is a decent cigar for the money, I paid 2 bucks for mine and am satisfied but will not buy a box. Not a pro by any means and have only been smoking cigars for about fifteen years. I think this would be a good beginner cigar or early morning with a strong coffee smoke. The only constant in my 200 cigar stash is the El Titan De Bronze Redemption Maduro Toro which I first picked up in little havana about 6 months ago. I saw your review on the robusto and would love to see what you think about the toro, they were out of robustos when I was there :-(. Love your site as I only came across it two weeks ago I look forward to veiwing your opinions!

  • PCcigar

    I’m sitting here watching some basketball and having this cigar as I’m writing. My first couple draws had a little spice that lasted for about 15 seconds. Now it’s just a plain cigar.
    I finished a Ramon Bueso “the project” before this…. And it’s like night and day.

  • Kace

    I have had a box worth of them sitting in my humi for about 9 yrs. Got them as a gift and have been overlooking them. I may try one and see if the years have helped.

  • stevenknisley

    this the worst handmade I have ever smoked these shouldn’t even be sold they are so bad. Its awful do not try….

  • eric.hanson

    Bryan would you ever review one of the natural Sancho Panzas? I’d love to get your thoughs on it.

    • Boucher207

      Send him one. Im sure he will review it.

  • I_dont_CAIR

    It’s funny how tastes differ. I have access to a huge variety of cigars of all different types, brands, sizes, and degrees of rarity. Even so, I really enjoy the Sancho Panza Double Maduros in the La Mancha size. I tend to tuck them away until the cello gets really amber in color. I put them on the same level as Padron maduros (e.g. Delicias, etc.). In fact, I read recently that Estelo Padron used to be the man behind these cigars.

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