J.C. Newman Brickhouse Robusto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 30, 2010
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J.C. Newman Brickhouse Robusto Cigar Review

This 5×54 stick offers a mottled dark chocolate wrapper with smooth but visible small and medium viens, a soft satin feel and slightly peppery smooth tobacco aroma. First light reveals a firm draw, adequate smoke production and medium body flavors of an oily smooth tobacco with a slight pepper kick. The first third develops in to a fairly simple mix of flavors similar to the first light. The draw did open up slightly making for easier smoke production, and a slight sweetness joined the game. Burn is perfect, almost razor sharp, flavors are easy to pick out and the finish is long and smooth with a touch of earth. The 2nd third shows no changes, being 100% consistent throughout. Ending at 1:15, the entire stick proved to be very consistent with the same flavors and great burn qualities throughout. At only a few dollars a stick this is a great stick for anyone looking for a good smoking simple stick. I did find that it needs several months of time, as every sample I had fresh at a cigar shop was very sub-par compared to this.

  • Pong

    Do you know where I can get that? Because when you say the flavor is easy to get, that’s what got me.I am still learning.

    Thank You


  • They are in just about every store here, I have no idea about other areas. Call your local shops and see if they have any.

  • Nathan Young

    I really enjoy this stick! For a $5 stick, one of the best…with age.

    I agree completely, fresh from the store, not so good. After a few months of age…nice flavors again for a $5 stick.

    • Orrza

      when you say “age” do you mean simply let it stay in the humidor for a few months?
      anything else?

    • Orrza

      I tried one right after buying it and it was really a pleasant smoke.
      Would you assume it had the time to age in the store?

  • HappyTaro

    I just finished having this stick and had a similar experience. This was recommended to me over half a year ago; so, I decided to give it a try and bought 3.

    I put them in my humidor and pulled one out at the 2 month mark and I did not like it at all. It had a strange “woodsy’ flavor and I could not finish it because it tasted too strange to me.

    I did not want to smoke it again, but I had 2 more in the humidor and decided to smoke one today (@ the half a year mark in my humidor). To my surprise, it tasted very different and pleasant. Very straightforward smoke w/ nice tobacco flavors w/ a short finish w/ a hint of spice. I actually finished it and said to myself, “Not bad…” Definitely needs some time in the humidor though (for me at least).

    I noticed that a very popular cigar magazine rated this @ #17 as the best smokes of 2010. Hmmmm…… ok…

  • Chris Homan

    Had this one fairly recently, and I rather enjoyed it. Being somewhat of a novice cigar smoker, I’m still kind of getting te feel for what I like, and this stick, so far, is right there.

  • tstryk

    I tried one today and it started out tasting like a brown paper bag and then turned to the flavor of a cardboard box. After watching your review I will buy another one and leave it for a few months then try it again. THANKS for showing me the review!

    • swj045

      I smoked one tonight and had a cardboard taste on the first 3rd,the second 3rd was much better a little bit of pepper,very little pepper then the last3rd was just mild tobacco.it had been in my box about 4 months.maybe more time needed.

  • ryanmo45

    just bought one today from my local shop and smoked it. great stick. i dont know how much age was on it from the shop but it was good. Pretty plain but for me that isnt always a bad thing. started out with a huge peper kick which quikly faded to dry wood and earth. very consistent.

  • drjwall

    The ones in my local b&m are very good, I don’t know whether they have been aging long or not. Just a straight earth and tobacco taste.

  • swj045

    just smoked one tonight while grilling porkchops.started out bitter and the 2nd part smoothed out abit,mostly a mild tobbaco taste that lasted throughout the rest of the smoke.maybe more time is needed in the box

  • redjebvt

    Really is my go-to everyday stick. I typically go for the Corona Larga size, as I tend to prefer the slightly smaller ring gauges. Nice burn time too.

  • ucs.greg

    I’ve had the mighty mighty and the Maduro. Very good for the price.

  • eric.hanson

    In general this is a really great stick for how cheap it is. You’re right they’re very one dimmensional, but the flavors they produce are very good and me personally I don’t always want a stick that’s goind to transition every 2 seconds. I usually have pretty good luck with these, but that being said I had one of these a few nights ago that had lots of construction issues, I’m wondering if it was just a fluke or if anyone else has had one lately and had construction issues.

  • Fabbio

    Best price I could find in the great white north is $18.95 a smoke. Anyone know any places this side of the border with better price range?

    • lazyboy

      $18.95 per stick?? for a brickhouse? where the heak do you live brother?? Are prices up there that different. This was definitly my go to daily smoke for a good while before I just got bored of them. Still good for when your not really payin much mind to it. But theres alot more out there for the same $$ to give shot.

    • AngSolo

      Order from SmokeInn they have a good price for these online. If your in NY its the 75% of wholesale tax here.

  • Hey I just had my second Brickhouse robusto. I noticed with this one the draw seemed a lot tighter. Also the cigar wanted to be smoked a lot quicker than the first one I had; if I waited a minute or more between draws it started to go down drastically in smoke production and almost went out once. I don’t remember that happening on the first one. Is it just a fluke? It was sitting in my humidor at 70-75 degrees and 70-72% RH for about 10 days after I bought it. Could it be too high of RH? Also it seemed to get really bitter in the last third, I didn’t make it to the band before I had to stop due to the taste.

  • John Wells

    $7.40 at Cigarchief, definitely the best Canadian shop

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