El Mejor Espresso Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, June 11, 2010
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El Mejor Espresso Churchill

This 7×50 box pressed maduro stick offers an almost black wrapper with a tight press and seams, minimal veins, a firm but slightly spongy feel, very oily and smooth wrapper with a rich chocolate and tobacco aroma. First light reveals a firm draw, earthy, peppery flavors with a long finish and medium body. The first third has burn problems, burning unevenly and tunneling. Flavors remain consistent with the first impression. By the 1/2 way point after several touchups, the flavors revealed a touch of coffee. At 1:15 I ended the stick because it had no good flavors after constant relights, tunneling and touchups. It had gone very warm and mushy, giving mostly charcoal flavors and a frustrating experience. I will try one again sometime, this could have just been a dud, it was my only sample. Thank you very much regardless, to Michael Yamashita for sending this in for review, I do greatly appreciate it!

  • marty

    that one wasn’t a dud. i’ve had about 3 of them and all of which were pure junk. heavily dyed wrappers, horrible burn. just a cheap stick that may be good for someone who really, really needs a smoke and doesn’t have a whole lot of money. very disappointed with this stick especially with most of the good reviews that i have read online.

  • PONG

    So it won’t be one stick problem right?

  • WDP

    Ok, unless someone can tell me otherwise, I am going to assume this stick is a re-labeled Nica Libre, which has all the same issues in my experience. Consistently bad burn, sometimes truly awful tastes and smells.

    • No, this has absolutely nothing to do with a Nica Libre.

  • Brian

    I wondering how you felt about cigar companies dying their wrapper leaves? For me, I feel like it is false advertizing, but I wanted to get someone else’s opinion.

    • For me, it doesn’t matter. I know other’s feel differently. Personally yes I wish they didn’t do it, but it doesn’t effect anything except sometimes getting you dirty.

      • Brian

        That is true, but when I am shelling out X amount of money for a premium stick (such as a RP Decade, which I had this same issue with) I would prefer if my mouth and hand did not turn brown. Also, I feel like they are trying to hid imperfections that would not pass other companies quality control.

  • JJO

    Late to the party, here. I came here because I had the very same problem you had when I lit up my second one of these (the first was pretty good). Impossibly tight draw, leading to a hot and ultimately “mushy” state. To see my problem confirmed by someone else was disappointing, as it’s apparently not just an abberation. The first one led me to place a bid on two five packs on cbid, but thankfully, someone else outbid me for those! The three I have left will have a nice long nap in my humidor, and then get dry-boxed before the next try.
    I have been enjoying your honest reactions in your reviews, and this one was great, even if somewhat painful! Keep up the good work.

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