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My Favorite Cigars

by Bryan Glynn, June 10, 2010
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I get several requests for ‘what are your favorites’ each week, so I’ve gone ahead and created a short list (2nd revision). This is by no means a ‘Top’ list, simply what MY personal taste favs happen to be at the moment. If you find yourself agreeing with the flavors I tend to get from sticks, I would suggest you try all of these!

In no particular order:

Cielo Poseidon

Torres Candela Churchill 

Cuban Crafters Cupido Tuxedo Churchill Maduro

Thompson Timbuctoo Maduro Toro

Tatuaje Anarchy

Gurkha Special Ops Maduro Churchill

San Cristobal Lancero

Label Your Cigar Pedro Estevez Barberpole Toro

Padron 1926 Anniversary No. 6

My Father El Hijo


  • Greg

    What would you recommend for those who like mild?

    • Try the Gurkha Park Ave and the Rocky Patel Fusion.

      • K. Vito B.

        How ’bout the Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon, mild to med. Good flavors.

        • John

          Try the Canbinet series from Ashton.

          • danlarsen7

            Vega Fina natural silver band is a great mild cigar as well. Smooooth!

    • gumby_130

      Vegas 5 gold cheap and smooth, Great for a newbie

  • Patrick

    I am a beginner and am not looking to spend that much on my first cigar. What would you recommend?

    • I always suggest new smokers start with large samplers to get the widest variety possible to tr and figure out what they like.

      • Bing

        Any suggestion on a sampler pack then? Also, from who? Any online sellers that you might recommend?


        • cigarsinternational.com

          i’m a very loyal customer. they’re the best by far.

          famous smoke is another great site.

          • n00b

            i agree.. CI is the best.. fast shipping too.

          • Kace

            Famous smoke has a lot of good coupons to add on to your shopping cart. Prices may be a couple $$ more but if you choose the right coupons it all turns out to be a pretty darn good deal.

      • gumby_130

        + 1 samplers are the way to go and are at a good price. Alway buy two. One soon one later.

    • danlarsen7

      Try the Rocky Patel Edge(corojo or lite), Fuente Double Chateau, or the CAO La Traviata.

    • reallybigd

      I’ve smoked maybe 25 cigars so far in my new found cigar adventure, and I bought a sampler from Thompson’s Cigars, not knowing the bad rep they have, but the product came with free shipping and there were some fantastic cigars in there, but a bit of crap too, but it was the Super 90 sampler, meaning all cigars in it were rated 90 or higher by Cigar Aficionado magazine.

      Last night I smoked the Alec Bradly Prensado in the Robusto size, and it was hands down the best cigar I’ve smoked yet. There were significant flavor changes going on in that one, I’m just not the best at describing flavors yet. I suggest you spend 8-10 bucks and get that cigar, it was amazing.

    • dcpeters

      I have to agree with those saying Cigars International. They are pretty good with Samplers. On a side note, NEVER go with Thompson (if you were thinking of it). I had two orders from them and both of their packages were dried out to high hell!.

  • Tony

    I just started to enjoy smoking, and I tend to like cigars that have a nice leather and creamy sweet taste is there anything you can recommend?

    • Read through some of the reviews – the Esteban on this list would probably fit the bill!

      • Tony

        Thanks Bryan! love your site!

        • danlarsen7

          Try the Partagas 1845 re-wrap or the Alec Bradley Black Market.

  • Tony

    Just wanted to say “thanks” for your reviews, etc. I’m a newbie to cigar smoking, and this site is really helpful! I’m finding the sampler pack at Cigars International real helpful in determing what I like and don’t like. Keep up the good work!

  • Jackson

    Hey Bryan! I just turned 21 and I am also a new member to the cigar smoking industry. Just wanted to say that I have been reviewing your site lately with your reviews and thought it was pretty good. Keep up the good work! I also wanted to ask you, what do you recommend for a good-decent, medium mild chocolate creamy, with a little kick of spice cigar for a good decent price? I say at least no more than 4$ a stick?

    • Thanks for being a fan, Jackson! I can’t think of an exact fit right now, but I would use the search at the top of the site and see what comes up for chocolate or cocoa. As far as price you’ll have to see what you can get things for in your area, prices vary wildly.

      • jackson

        Cool thanks Bryan!

  • jackson

    One more question, how often do you smoke cigars and are you addicted to it?

  • I smoke maybe 10 a week and no there is no addiction.

    • danlarsen7

      It’s not an addiction if you enjoy it. People who are addicts usually hate the fact they are addicted to that substance.

      • gumby_130

        It like an addiction of having to much fun. If you smoke one at a time think your good.

  • jackson

    How was your first experience, what made you started to smoke cigars and how did you first taste it?

  • Um I have no idea that was like 20 years ago 😉

    • danlarsen7

      Marsh Wheeling??? ahahahaha!

  • K. Vito B.

    Just a line to say, your cigar reviews are top notch, second to none. Thoroughly informative and entertaining. Take care and keep the reviews coming.

  • K. Vito B.

    I would like some suggestions on the creamiest cigars out there. They are my favorite cigars, CAO Black, is currently my pick in that category. Thanks.

    • Bigfoot

      Casa Trano nat or the Torano Reserva Selecta tubo…very creamy,smoke one every morning with coffee

      • Tyler

        Where do you get them from? i am looking on famous smoke and cigars international, but cant seem to pin point them. im new to the cigar world, but i think i would like those flavors. as of now, all i have tried is the a. fuente seleccion in churchill and i like it, but not alot of flavor…

  • John

    I’m a newbie to the cigar world and recently purchased a Cuvee Blanc Robusto cigar from my local shop, and was wandering if there are any opinions on this particular cigar. I’m also open to any suggestions for future purchases.

    • garlar10

      Try the CAO Brazilia. Great smoke for beginners. (just don’t tell Bryan, he is a bit of a CAO Hater… just kidding!)

  • K.Vito B.

    Cigars in your humi…..cellophane suits on or off….anyone? Thank you.

    • GAR

      I leave them on until I smoke em. I actually take birthday suit cigars and place them in an open ziplock to keep them separate from the other sticks in my humi.

      my .02


      • K.Vito B.

        I noticed my cigars are tasting a bit fresher, faster….however, i do keep about half the humi with jackets anticipating the turnover. Thanks for your opinion, it helped in my decision. Later.

  • Brandon

    Your reviews are always top notch. Anytime I’m looking to try a new cigar I search your site first to see if you have already reviewed it. Keep up the good work.

  • John

    I got some Tubo cigars as a gifts for my birthday recently, and I don’t know how to care for them in the humidor. Should I leave them inside the tube or take them out?

    • Bigfoot

      you can leave them in the tubes or take them out, its up to you, as long as they are stored in a humidor.

  • I’m a noob…but I know I like coffee, cocoa and cream flavors without the head buzz. What on your list fits the bill? (it doesn’t have to be on your list)

    • Bigfoot

      Try the Exd 59. coffee, coco, creamy and medium bodied

      • neocigaro

        Nice I want a taste like that also…I’ll try that one…

  • Bing

    Here’s a question. I see in your reviews you talk about getting through 1/3 of the cigar. Then, you say you’ll see how it progresses. Why would the taste of the cigar change so much from the first third to the second third? What is it that might develop in the cigar? How is it possible?

    Thanks, Bing

    • reallybigd

      I would imagine the cigar resonates with tar from the smoke, and most importantly the while cigar starts to get warm after smoking it for a period of time and helps make the smoke more detectable, or different feeling on the pallet.

      The last thing I could think of would be that the more towards the end you get to, the more of the wrapper you taste. But hey, I’ve only smoked about 30 cigars now lol, just some thought. Indulge us Bryan lol?

  • GAR

    I was in Santa Fe this weekend, moving my daughter, and I stopped in at the Santa Fe Cigar Co. Prices were very reasonable compared to B&Ms in Colorado. I bought my first Paul Garmirian and wow! What a cigar. It was very tasty and burned excellent. My son in law bought a couple of Arganese CL3s and they were surprisingly good for a sub 5 dollar smoke.

    Thanks again for all the good info on your site,

    • Bigfoot

      Cigars in New Mexico will be cheaper that Cigars in Colorado due to state Tobacco Tax. Colorado has a 40% state tobacco tax vs 25% in New Mexico. Texas has 1%.

      Hope this helps!

  • K.Vito B.

    Hi Glen, I searched all over for the Cuban Crafters titanium perfect cutter and it was just not to be found. Not one to give up, i continued my search. I finally found one on Amazon. They had a Cuban Crafter listing and i found the cutter (the newer version) in stainless steel. It’s every bit as good as you said it was. Thanks for the tip, and you and yours enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Later.

  • Jason Kelley

    nice selection indeed.

  • Jackson


    By any chance would you know any legit site that people can purchase authentic Cuban cigars?


    • There are plenty, however there is no guarantee of your shipment actually making it through customs, to you (in the US).

      • reallybigd

        Your opinion on Cubans? Is the buzz from the Embargo on Cuba, or are some cuban producers better than any out there? Obviously opinion, I’m just wondering why they’re considered so special.

        You spoke of a pre-embargo cigar in one of your last lotteries, please smoke one for us on camera lol

      • gumby_130

        Really, has anyone ever serve jail time over Cuban cigars.

    • Dave

      http://deoudeleeuw.nl They ship international, if you want to I can translate.

  • Dave

    Hey Bryan,

    Ever tried out our Dutch shortfiller cigars?

  • K.Vito B.

    Hey Bryan….finally found the Cuban Crafters Titanium Cutter…. on e bay. It sure is a lot lighter than the original stainless steel cutter. I’m really enjoying this machine. It’s feels alot more comfortable in my pocket. I tell ya’ the C.C. Perfect Cutter, my Xikar crossover torch and my Xikar Exodus soft flame, I’m in cigar supply heaven. Great reviews. Later Bryan, good smokin’.

  • Rich


    Love your reviews. I’ve been a cigar enthusiast since the 90’s. As a result, I noticed a big difference in some of major brands from the 90’s and the cigars now. I noticed that cigars these days do not taste as good as the ones from the 90’s. For example, my everyday smoke back in the 90’s were Henry Clay Brevas Fina’s with its peppery taste. When I purchased them in 2008, the I do not notice the peppery taste as much.

    I noticed that with other cigar brands I have revisited such as Macanudos, Partagas, and Upman brands, the flavor profiles are very different and most of the time I did not like the new taste.

    Have you noticed a difference?

    I talked to some tobacconists about it and most of the reason is because of the changes in weather and crop each year which I understand. But, one tobacconist theorized that many of the popular cigar rollers and blenders from major companies have started their own lines and seperate companies which could account for the taste in some major lines. Also, the same tobacconist mentioned that a person’s taste change over time and what you liked before, may not be the same now.

    Also, I feel that cigars back in the early and mid 90’s taste a lot better than now.

    What are your thoughts?

  • K.Vito B.

    Hi Bryan: I’ve read Zippo Blu reviews, that are all over the place, i mean it’s a love, hate type of thing. I’ve never read reviews that sound like two different products as much as the Zippo Blu. For all of us, be it we agree or disagree with your opinion, we respect it. So do us all a favor and review the Zippo Blu. Please. Thanks Bryan.

  • Brit.

    I need help buying a cigar for my boyfriend for valentines day. He told me he likes smooth full bodied cigars. I checked out a million reviews and concluded that your reviews was the best in all aspects. From my research the most recommended for smooth full bodied were My father Le Bijou, Rocky Patel Decade and Ashton VSG. Can you please give me your opinion? Also I’m not sure that he likes a lot of pepper. And at which stores or online websites should I buy? I live in NYC.

  • Brit.

    I forgot to mention one of his favorites is Romeo y Julieta. I don’t know why. I would like to get him something even better if there is anything better. I would like to ask him more but I’m afraid to ruin the surprise. So I’m really counting on your expertise.

  • Morgan

    My father has been smoking for a while and I recently have found a liking for cigars. I’m spending a week with him this summer in the mountains and he makes the best margaritas.. what kind of cigars would you suggest for for us(him being well seasoned and me quite new)? Nothing too strong as I am still relatively new to cigars..

    Also what would the best cigars be that are kind of chocolatey, creamy, sweet, and not too peppery? I had one a while back and I can’t remember what it was. I’d love to have a stick to drink a nice latte to.

    I’m not about the infused cigars.. I’m looking for a REAL cigar, not a “fad” cigar haha.

    Price isn’t too much of an issue

    • Morgan


  • There are tons of options for you, I would suggest a sampler pack, or look through the site and find things that sound good to you.

    • Morgan

      Would you suggest anything in particular? One or two that stand out to you? There’s a bout a million videos on here lol

      • Start with the ones in the list above, read through stuff and see what sounds good! Seriously it’s all personal taste…

  • Adam

    What’s your favorite cigar band? Have you seen the band on The Berlin Wall cigar by Hammer and Sickle? It has an embossed band made of brass. The cigars come in a solid marble box and I’ve heard the flavors are amazing and complex.

    • Hmmm can’t say I ever thought about it or have a favorite. The only thing about a band I care about is that it not rip the wrapper when I tear it off.

      • JJO

        I agree – some of them seem to be Superglued on. I hate it when I have to take a knife to it just to get the unbanding process started, and getting the glue on the wrapper is a big strike against the maker.
        However, I really like the the colorful San Cristobal band and the simple silver and black band on the Los Blancos Nine that really stands out against the dark wrapper.

        Bryan, with all the cigars you’ve smoked in the past year, do you have any amendments to this list?

    • MJL

      My favorite band is AB Prensado #2,Camacho triple maduro and #3 Ave Maria.

  • I will be updating this list shortly

    • JJO

      Looking forward to it!

  • 777xenos


    My first ‘cigar’ was one I made myself when I was about 10 years old by emptying a couple dozen apple-cinnamon tea bags onto a sheet of notebook paper, rolling it up, and securing it with scotch tape (probably around a 7.5 x 66). I sat under our boat trailer by the side of the house and smoked the whole thing…I lost the ability to taste food for about a week. Later my cousin suggested I try coffee grounds, which he used to make cigarettes. I tried that but found it disagreeable. I wonder if any cigar companies got started this way… Eventually I began to accompany my father in the proverbial ‘moment of luxury’ with various machine mades, primarily Muriel Coronellas, Dutch Masters, and Garcia y Vega Grenadiers.

    My current favorite stick is the DPG Serie JJ maduro Selectos. I liken it to chocolate cake…beautiful rich cocoa flavor from end to end. Thanks for the awesome website!

  • Knvb

    What would you recommend for a good value full strength and flavor cigar? Oliva V has been my fav of late but also enjoyed the decade,padron 1964 (bit pricey) la flor Dom air chisel and while in Cuba the partagas series d. Also have you or plan to review the much hyped Alec Bradley t11? Thanks again
    Knvb Victoria Canada

    • Don

      Hi Knvb,

      I also love the Oliva V and always keep a box on hand…but, out of the thousands (literally) of cigars that I keep on hand, if I had to point at just 1 that reminds me a lot of the Oliva V, but at a super affordable price, it would be the Diesel Unlimited. I would highly recommend buying a box of these, and if you have the patience, let them rest for at least 5-6 months in your humi first. They are absolutely fantastic. Not a big fan of the original ‘Unholy Cocktail’ but the ‘Unlimited’ rocks. I’ve tried all the sizes, but d.X is my personal favorite.

      Don – Atlanta, GA

  • it-nurse

    Your reviews are helpful and the website is great! I appreciate it. If you would like to review a CAO CX2, let me know and I can send you one. Just finishing a CAIN Straight Ligero Maduro in robusto size and really enjoyed the flavors and aroma.

  • birch507

    I want to start by saying that your reviews are very informative. I have to say, out of all the ones that I have seen, ( and I have viewed a lot ) you are by far one of the best.  I have a question for you and possibly something that you can do a segment on for us beginners/novices to the world of cigars.  In plenty of reviews, people speak about the notes and flavors they taste throughout the smoking experience.  They speak of earth tones, nuttiness, spice, pepper, coffee notes, caramel, etc…  For those of us who are in the beginning process of refining our pallets to experinece these flavors, can you possibly offer some assistance or advice on how to detect these notes, or the best methods to get the fulliest flavor experience. I like cigars, but majority of the time, I just taste the cigar, not the detailed flavors that are mentioned in a lot of reviews.
    If possible, can you to suggest certain cigars that are stronger in one note than the other, so that it would be easier to discern that particular flavor.  I recently had a Siglo IV Limited Reserve and I could detect a strong pepper taste, especially in the last third.  Can you suggest a cigar that you would consider to have a strong nutty flavor or caramel note etc., so that we beginners would have a reference to go off of.  I believe for me anyway, this would be beneficial in having something to refer back to when trying to since these notes in my future cigar experiences. 

  • Knvb

    After looking over your favorite sticks list i decided to add a couple of the much vaunted Padron 1964’s to my recent order and must say these could be my new fav sticks… ive been to Cuba a few times and have tried a good assortment of the top rated Cubans and the 1964 is as good if not better than any ive tried… A pricey stick but if youre looking for a great present to get a cigar aficianado you can’t go wrong with these!

  • n00b

    so we see the top cigars you like.. but what is the ONE you LOVE.. and only one.

    • I don’t have just one.

      • n00b

        i understand.. :> there are a couple that i have not seen you do.. do you have plans for a Punch Champion?

  • n00b

    how often do you let your sticks rest before you review them?

    • n00b

      how long i guess i should say.

    • Anywhere from several weeks to years.

      • n00b

        if we had a request, or wanted to donate a stick.. how would we do that? i just got some Camacho 1962’s in..

      • gumby_130

        That’s hard to do when you got one you want to try.

  • New list is live! 9/25/11

    • JJO

      Timbuctoo! You’re a bad man. LMAO!

      • You get a cookie for being the first to catch it 🙂

  • ahaha123

    What would you recommend for a smoker who is just starting to smoke?

  • geekfish

    Bryan, any changes to the list in the last year?

    Anything you find yourself smoking pretty regular lately?

    Or a favorite recently released stick?

    I guess the reviews keep you fairly busy, which we all appreciate.

    Thanks for the reviews.

  • NDO

    Hey BG,

    Can you provide us an updated list of your favorite cigars from 2012-2013?


  • Cgaudin

    Hi Bryan. Im sort of new to smoking cigars. I like watching your videos and think you give the best reviews. I like bold full body cigars, what do you recommend?

    • Daniel.A

      i would definitely recommend the e.p. carillo maduro or maybe just slightly less stronger the obsidian. both great cigars, with the carillo giving a strong head rush at least thats how it was for me. the obsidian well i wonder why in the world it took me so long to give it a try. full of flavor you can’t go wrong with any of these two.

  • Kace

    This is an awesome over all site. Cigars are not cheap and I love having that inside info and knowledge to help me pick the cigar that best fits my likings. Thanks Cigar Obsession!!

  • garlar10

    Sad but true the first one of these I clicked on was the Thompsons. I thought maybe I had found a new favorite bargain cigar. Oh well, lol. I have had the pleasure of smoking the Santa Cristobal Lancero and that is an outstanding smoke though.

  • zanlamb

    Hi Bryan, I know your busy. Any idea when you might be updating the list or are they still your top 10?

    • Kace

      The list appears to be updating on its own.

  • USA2ndAmendment

    Good list. I have always wanted to try the Gurkha Spec Ops but have never found one to buy 🙁 One day, one day.

  • jtubbs6117

    Hey guys I have a favorite not listed here. Just about anything from the Cigar Factory in New Orleans. My favorite the Tres Hermonos. Full body great flavor. I have been meaning to send some of these to Bryan for a review.

  • tkondrla

    My all time favorite cigar is the Romeo & Juliet Reserva real maduro! Love everything about it!!

  • gumby_130

    Bryan what’s with the old heads and Gurkhas, I enjoy them , but a lot of vets bash them in emails and forums. Is there something I don’t know about the geezers of the cigar world or is it just the select few that I happen to listen to?

    • MaxDuo

      I’m young, but I know I definitely don’t like Gurkha’s a lot due to most of the ones I’ve encountered or talked with people about always have horrible burn lines. I had to touch one up 3-4 times at least before because it’s burn was too bad to even describe as “wonky” at times.

      That being said, noticing this list is one of the most “favorited,” I saw his Gurkha there and definitely am interested in trying it some day as a “last chance” for them. (despite someone in the comments reporting a horrible burn w/ it… Bryan had a near perfect one so…)

  • vscarpine

    My current favs are the Man O War Ruination and the Diesel Wicked…both have great body and taste great and that is what I try to look for in a cigar

  • Kace

    I don’t know if your favorites are hard to find or I’m just not hitting the right places. By reviews, I have hit some of the finer cigar shops with not much luck.

    • JJO

      About half of them are exclusive to specific retailers. The Anarchy and My Father El Hijo, for example, were limited editions made for Smoke Inn and are no longer available. The list hasn’t been updated for about a year and a half, and lines come and go.

  • Kace

    That Timbuctoo being the most rare!! Must be an $80 stick. Lmao. J/K

  • dj_piddy


    Could you discuss how it is possible to get every cigar in each box to taste exactly the same? It seems to me there are way too many variables involved in such an organic process to have each cigar have the exact same flavor transitions as you smoke the cigar. Thanks for explaining 🙂

    • AL

      Put just one cigar in the box. Boom. Problem solved.

  • pinot45

    Hey Bryan, I know you appreciate a good lancero like I do. It’s been a while since you’ve reviewed one. Any chance you’ll review the Cubao Lancero any time soon? I had one a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.

    Best cigar site on the web. You should be extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished. I’ve been with you for around 2 1/2 years and watched the site grow to what it is today. Truly amazing! Thanks for providing this excellent content.

    • JJO

      pinot45 – He did review it last year: http://cigarobsession.com/2012/07/01/eo-cubao-no-3-cigar-review/

      Love the Cubaos, although I have yet to try the lancero.

      • pinot45

        Thanks, JJO. I missed it in the reviews because he called it E.O. Cubao.

        • JJO

          No problem. I knew I’d seen a review of it, but the list is so long, it can take a bit of digging to find some of them, and you never know if it’s going to be under Cubao, E.O., or Espinosa y Ortega. 😉

  • Xavier4753

    Any preference on a box of Padrons for the cheapest price? I’d really like to have a nice box of them for whenever a special occasion presents itself.

  • Xavier4753

    Last night I bought my friends and I the Drew Estate Tobak Especial Dolce in Toro. They aren’t as big on cigars as I am but they were definitely impressed with the sweetness and just perfect mildness. This is a stick I would strongly recommend for for people with friends who aren’t too big on cigars. It’s even a great smoke for those with more and developing taste.

    Any other thoughts on this stick? How do you guys feel about it? Any sticks around this category you guys would recommend? As long as its not the Acids, I’m not fond of them at all.

  • Xavier4753

    Sittin back and enjoying 1964 Padrons with great friends after walking the graduation stage. Life is good!

  • madmurdoc

    Diesel Hair of the Dog and Macanudo Cru Royale

  • johnga

    I wish there was a sampler for all of these. Hey Bryan, does this list still hold up as of today? Or has it changed at all?

  • Galin.Swigart

    The gurkha spec ops is probably my favorite.. They’re hard to keep in my humidor though.. cant leave them alone. I had some burn problems with one but the aroma and flavors are perfect

  • cigarraider

    Got all excited about Thompson Timbuctoo Maduro Toro being on your “favorite” list. Found out how cheap it was. Then I saw your “Not!” joke after clicking on it. That’s just mean, brother. Bring a man down after getting his hopes up, why don’t cha? 🙁

  • Justin

    Come on Bryan, it’s time for an updated Favorite’s list….I mean, it’s not like you’re doing anything else right? Anyway, this guy is interested in what your favs are now that it is coming up on 4 (FOUR!!!) years later 🙂

  • Tazzgolfer

    Maybe you could setup a voting list where people could enter their Top 10 and have it list the Top 10 Most Listed????

  • Geobain

    Good one. I was perusing the list and I was like, “Isn’t that the garbage cigar he busted up?” LOL

  • Brian


  • tedski

    Hey Bryan … I see your favorites list is almost 6 years old. Time to update?
    As a suggestion, you could make this a yearly “event”. As always, thanks for all your good info,

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