La Herencia De Cuba Red Label Petite Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 20, 2010
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La Herencia De Cuba Red Label Petite Torpedo Cigar Review

This 5×50 torpedo stick offers a dark milk chocolate colored wrapper with slight tooth, a satin texture, minimal veins, tight seams, an even slightly spongy feel and a strong chocolate and barnyard aroma. First light revels a rich smoke, creamy texture and flavors of barnyard, a slight sweetness and slightly firm draw. The firth third develops in to the same rich, smooth texture and flavors of a medium bodied earthy sweet leather, with a relatively short clean finish with a hint of pepper. The 2nd third changes to a slight caramel with a core of smooth creamy earth, and a slight increase in pepper but only on the finish. The last bit showed little change, remaining a very consistent blend for nearly the whole stick overall. There was a bump in strength near the center, pushing to a medium-full strength for a bit. Thank you very much to La Herencia De Cuba for generously donating this for review!

  • Greg

    How long do you let your cigars rest before smoking them? At what point do you see diminishing returns for letting them rest vs smoking them?

  • I only purposely let them rest after they have been shipped to let them acclimate humidity. Aging once the cigar has been rolled is very subtle if anything at all, I don’t bother.

  • Dan

    Clean shave!! Must be getting hot in Tampa.

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