Diesel Unholy Cocktail Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 12, 2010
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Diesel Unholy Cocktail Cigar Review

This 5×56 torpedo sports a dark chocolate, soft but toothy firm wrapper with minimal veins, and a rich potpourri like spicy scent. First light reveals a slightly firm draw with adaquate smoke production. Flavors are medium bodied with a rich oily slightly sweet tobacco, and a good bit of pepper and spice especially on the long deep finish. The first third brings quite a complex blend of toast, coffee, then a spicy leather with a bit of pepper. The finish grows the pepper and adds spice, holding on well to the next draw. Body is a good medium-full. By the 1/2 way point the ash had just dropped off, burn was perfect and the flavors had mellowed a bit pushing more of the coffee. The last third continued the trend changing to a smooth creamy coffee with a pepper zing at the end of the draw. Total burn time to the nub was 1:15. Thank you very much to Chaz from Long Island for generously sending this in for review!

  • Burton

    I have not personally had the chance to do this, but I hear these mellow perfectly with some age on them. Worth a try. I enjoyed the one I have had.

  • Krieg

    Another blend from AJ that I love! Good review, I think I might smoke one of these this weekend now.

  • John G

    I had one of these in my humidor for a couple of months now and your review enticed me to light it up this evening. I am not disappointed with the decision. I tasted something in the first third that was a surprise. On the retrohale I tasted…..well….dirt, which was a very pleasant addition (really, LOL!) to the rest of the flavors that you mentioned in your excellent review. The last third of the cigar is where the flavors really exploded with the smooth creamy coffee as well as a nice chocolate taste on the finish. Thanks for helping to decide what to smoke tonight. Once again, excellent review. John G.


    I bought a box of these shortly after they came out. They have, as Burton says, mellowed with age to about the way Brian has described them. When I first smoked one I understood where the name came from. The only thing I’d add is how great the price point is. I’m going to have tonight. Thanks Brian!

  • Chaz

    Great review Bryan- glad you enjoyed! These will definitely be one of my go-to barbeque/outdoor hangout sticks this summer. Anything with the PA broadleaf wrapper I have tried has been excellent 🙂

  • I agree – these are a great anytime pickup! Thanks again Chaz!!

  • Pong

    Does this really tasted like Cocktail?

  • LiLo

    Salamander on the fence at 00:50! Great review by the way!

  • C-REK

    Hey all,

    Not long ago, I bought 10 Diesel Shorty’s. So far I’ve smoked 3 of them and I’ve found the taste profile to be profoundly lacking (lot’s of strength but flat on flavors). Can anyone out there tell me how these compare to the Unholy Cocktail.
    I’m curious because I think the Diesel is a very well-made and reasonably priced cigar line.
    I want to like them, but…

    • Dylan

      I’d say it probably depends how long you let them keep in your humi before you smoked them. I had a DUC within 2 weeks of buying and it was great, but the flavors them self weren’t really the most shocking. However the sticks that sat for 3-4 months actually were extravagant.

  • User Name

    I’ve loved this cigar since they came out. Personally, I like these cigars more when I get a fresh batch from the internet, right off the delivery truck. The flavors really pop, although they can be erratic. Excellent review Bryan. Best review site out there.

  • Gurneymonkey

    After watching this review I bought a 5 pack. I’m smoking one now, & I am loving it.
    Thanks Bryan for a great review, & for introducing me to a great new cigar!

  • puffrey

    Enjoying my patio time with one of these right now and I once again enjoying your review of the stick I am smoking. Excellent review Bryan!

  • Dylan

    btw, yes, if this stick is kept well for a couple months and you smoke it at the right speed you can get the ash to hold all the way. done it. it’s pretty amazing to ashstand this thing.

  • playersrun1

    my taste buds must be off… had one of these tonight and didnt get much of the full flavor at all. smoked one with the fatehr in law, and neither of us experienced the range of flavors or any changes throughout. i think i need to re-watch the How to Smoke a Cigar tutorial!

  • D-BO


  • AngSolo

    This is a favorite of mine. I buy these by the box. It’s my go to stick. Nice flavor, great construction (you could probably smoke the whole thing without ashing it)Great price by the box. Definitely not as strong as the Unlimited series, never had adverse strength reaction to the UC.

  • Sinsandman

    I just smoked a Diesel Wicked. I have my opinions on it, but would love to be able to see a review done on a Wicked in the future if at all possible.

  • eric.hanson

    This one’s not a bad stick for how cheap it is but I still think it’s a little over hyped.

    • jpculp57

      It’s a $2.50 stick if you buy a box on Cbid, how can it be over hyped? It has to be a top 5 buy for the money in anyone’s book. It’s hard to find a $5 stick that’s not garbage much less one half that price that is good.

      • eric.hanson

        I’ve gotten much better sticks for less than $2, therefore, I found it to be very over hyped.

  • Camshaft83

    Just got one of these in a salomon sampler. Can’t wait for it to get a couple months of age in the humidor so I can smoke it. Great review.

  • yosef5

    Thanks for this review
    I will be buying this cigar today

  • carvajal_pablo

    Awesome flavors.

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