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Nub Connecticut 464 Torpedo Cigar Review

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Nub Connecticut 464 Torpedo Cigar Review

This 4×64 stick offers a medium tan, firm, thin stretched wrapper with minor visible veins and seams. The aroma is a very faint tobacco and it has a smooth velvet texture. First light reveals an easy draw, plenty of smoke production giving flavors of grass and nuts, with an oily smooth, long finish. By 10 minutes in the flavors settled to a mild-medium bodied creamy nut flavor with a touch of pepper but no spice. Those exact same flavors carried through the entire stick ending with about 1″ left at 45 minutes. The only shift was in the heat of the smoke, getting too hot for my taste just past the band. Thank you very much to Michael Yamashita for sending this in for review! (Video correction: Ring gauge is measured in 1/64th”, this NUB is 1″)

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