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Nub Connecticut 464 Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, May 5, 2010
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Nub Connecticut 464 Torpedo Cigar Review

This 4×64 stick offers a medium tan, firm, thin stretched wrapper with minor visible veins and seams. The aroma is a very faint tobacco and it has a smooth velvet texture. First light reveals an easy draw, plenty of smoke production giving flavors of grass and nuts, with an oily smooth, long finish. By 10 minutes in the flavors settled to a mild-medium bodied creamy nut flavor with a touch of pepper but no spice. Those exact same flavors carried through the entire stick ending with about 1″ left at 45 minutes. The only shift was in the heat of the smoke, getting too hot for my taste just past the band. Thank you very much to Michael Yamashita for sending this in for review! (Video correction: Ring gauge is measured in 1/64th”, this NUB is 1″)

  • Dan


    Thanks for the review, i watch every review you put up, and buy most of the sticks you review that sound like something i would like. This cigar is one of my favorites, i have a box and whats left of a box in my humidor and just love them. I will tell you this, when i smoked it for the first time during the day, i didn’t like this nub. Then i tried it again on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and feel in love with this cigar. I smoke these just about every other Saturday morning, when i can. I also agree that it is very consistent. Also i normally get about an hour to hour and 15 minutes out of these. But i tend to smoke very very slow, somewhere around a puff per minute or so. Well thanks again for the review. Look forward to your next one.


  • Thanks for watching, Dan!

  • Greg

    You said there are other cigars with a similar taste profile that burn longer – can you name some names? I like the Nubs, but if there’s something that tastes like them and is longer, I’d like to try a few

  • It’s hard for me to remember off the top of my head but I would suggest the Carlos Torano Casa Torano, Rocky Patel Fusion, RP Connecticut, and the John Bull.

  • Dan

    I have never had a Nub for some of the reasons you have mentioned, but I have two in the humi right now resting. Actually the Nub Connecticut just came today in the mail. Not a huge mild stick kind of guy but I do find a place for them. I’m heading on vacation soon so I’ll probably have this one morning looking at the waves before the family wakes up. Thanks for the review and I’ll stay tuned in.

  • Chaz

    Greg- a mild-medium stick that is excellent with a longer burn in the gurkha park avenue… i believe bryan reviewed one a while back. decent price point as well. I’m not a big mild guy but i like these every once in a while.

    i love oliva but these things are just marketing BS…

    • Dan

      Have you smoked one?

  • Nigel

    Just tried one today, finally.
    A bit warm for me, almost the whole way down. I didn’t think it was anything too special, although I did like the really nice construction of the wrapper.
    The flavour was a bit waxy, yeasty, with a touch of sweetness for the first 3rd.
    Not a bad cigar, but I’d favour other Connets simply because of the odd dimensions.

    • Matt Rendall

      yeah I found it tingly on the lips and tongue for at least the second half. Which wouldn’t be bad except that it way overpowered the mild flavors

  • atoiota

    Has anyone had a sweet note in the middle and if so how would you describe it?

  • PeteM

    I’ve smoked 2 of these (358’s actually) now, and I’m underwhelmed. I only get a hint of sweetness at the start of the draw, then just bland cigar flavor throughout.

  • walshy

    I am smoking one as I type and this cigar is nothing I would buy again. It sat in my humi for about 8 months. The taste is very bland. No sweet notes or anything like that

  • stevenknisley

    Have you smoked a nub maduro? if so what are your thoughts?
    I’ve hard they are really good…

    • MorganGeo

      For what it’s worth, I’ve smoked all the Nubs and love the Maduro the most. For me about half way in I start getting a nice sweet taste that I just crave.

      The Connecticut is a good morning coffee smoke for me.

      Some people don’t care for the ‘warmth’ of a Nub cigar but I like it. To me it kind of amplifies some of the tastes.

      • stevenknisley

        I love the connecticuts. I have six of them in my humidor now. they are perfect with coffee I would have to agree. I havn’t smoked a maduro nub yet but a friend said they were really sweet and chocolatey and sound like I would love them. So thanks for your input.

  • stevenknisley

    Bryan, have you ever thought about doing reviews on the other nubs?

  • D-BO


  • stevenknisley

    Where can you get the Nub USA? Or is it even available for purchase? thanks

  • stevenknisley

    So I just smoked one of these for the first time in a few months and realized it really reminds me of the taste you get if you drink vanilla coffee creamer by itself. This seems to be a review I always go back to, probably my favorite one on here.

  • eric.hanson

    Hm, this is one of the rare instances where I think you and Idiffer on the opinion of a cigar. I really like these, I get what you’re saying in that they don’t live up to marketing hype but what does? As far as the price I don’t really get how they’re overpriced considering I just got a 10 pack of them shipped on cigar sprint for less than $28, that’s less than $2.80 a stick! I consider that a bargin.

    • You can not compare specials/daily deals pricing to what you can pick one up in a store.

  • Derek

    Im smoking one of these right now and its really helpful to watch your videos while smoking it. I don’t have quite the distinguished pallet you do so it makes it a lot easier to pick up flavors I miss. This one isn’t very complex but for full bodied smokes it really helps. I also almost corrected you on cigar ring gauges but i noticed you caught it.

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