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Graycliff G2 Presidente Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 26, 2010
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Graycliff G2 Presidente Cigar Review

This 7×48 stick has a light tan smooth wrapper with a tight sponginess like a firmly inflated balloon. It is practically devoid of veins and near seamless. The aroma is a smooth slightly peppery tobacco. First light reveals an easy draw, plenty of thick, creamy medium bodied smoke with flavors of smooth tobacco, wood and a tough of pepper on a long woody finish. 10 min in the flavors develop to a creamy smooth, oily wood with a hint of tobacco, and they carry on through the finish for quite some time but at a mellower level. Smoke output is decent, and the draw is perfect. The first third further develops with a creamy cinnamon flavor that also follows through to the finish with a touch of black pepper and zing. 40 min in at the 1/2 way point flavors changed, swapping the wood for a light leather and the cinnamon taking on a dray slightly spicier characteristic. Ending at 1:30 the last third changed to a mild-medium nutty flavor with just a touch of pepper but no spice, holding a long peppery finish. Thank you very much to Michael Yamashita for generously sending samples for review!

  • Brown Bear

    Very nice creamy stick!
    My cup of tea…..after the 1666 disaster i last smoked, I was well pleased with this blend!

  • brian Alvarado

    just bought me a few torpedos of this g2 hope they smoke well. hear great things about them

  • jamie briggs

    just smoked my first g2. I think my palet is developing. Noticed the majority of your tastes. cinnamon i definitely did notice a little. smooth soft smoke for sure. Very enjoyable smoke. Had a coffee with this one. Ash would have held on almost the whole time!

  • Watched this review awhile back in my search for a good mild-med cigar and this has been one of my favorites. I’ve now tried every vitola since first watching this review.

    I always enjoy your reviews. You are very confident in your palate and the videos are very descriptive and objective. Keep it up, Bryan!

  • rkje615

    Smoking a G2 Turbo as I watch this. Although the wrapper on the Turbo is more of a Cameroon style, the flavors are similar. Very good, smooth, buttery and spicy flavors. Enjoying so far…

  • jaburt10

    Looks like a great smoke. I’ll be in Nassau in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping to get a chance to tour the Graycliff Cigar company and maybe see if they’ll let me try my hand at rolling my own cigar. I’m really enjoying your reviews.

  • swj045

    great cigar for my taste,tried my first one at nashville airport smoke shop. I guess the cinnamon you talk about was the taste I though of as the old redhots taste.

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