Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 23, 2010
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Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid Cigar Review

Sorry, I goofed on the pics from this one and formatted the wrong card 🙁 This 6×52 belicoso shaped stick offers a silky soft light tan wrapper with minimal veins, a slight spongy feel and light barnyard aroma. First light gives a small amount of smoke but it’s extremely thick and chewy, leaving a heavy oily feeling. Flavors are a slight grass, cedar, and touch of tobacco. Taking a third clip off the head really freed the draw to a normal level and increased smoke and body to a much better medium. From the 1/2 way point at 45 min in through to the end at 1:15 flavors took on a creamy slightly sweet light coffee flavor, still with a rich thick smoke. The finish slowly increased carrying the creamy coffee with it. Than you very much to Ashton for sending this for review!

  • Jan

    Love these!! Great cigar anytime of the day.
    Great review!! Keep ’em coming..

  • Ashton really does have some great blends. I’m partial to the VSG’s myself but, a milder cigar is a good change of pace on occasion.


    This is my favorite cigar!
    I was wondering if there are any similar sticks you could recommend

  • montyz

    I had one of these last night. I had a burn issue about 2/3 down but other than that a great smoke.

  • jablaze

    smoking one now and wanted to see your opinion while i enjoyed it with a cup of coffee

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