AVO Lounge Cigar Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 16, 2010
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AVO Lounge Cigar Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 stick offers a medium brown lumpy and firm wrapper with minimal veins, invisible seams a triple cap and a rich oily tobacco aroma. First light reveals a firm draw, minimal smoke output but big medium-full body. Flavors are rich, oily earth with a bit of pepper and hot spice on a long earthy finish. The first third develops beautifully in to a slightly musty creamy smooth aged tobacco, with a good bit of cinnamon kick, lasting through the finish. Smoke output increased to a good normal amount and the body stayed near full. 40 min in at the 2nd third transition, flavors dropped most of the cinnamon on the draw and body is a solid medium. Overall it gives a rich, oily, deep flavor experience. Just before the 1/2 point it tunneled a bit and went out prompting a relight. Unfortunately the band was applied with a big glob of glue, taking a chunk of wrapper with it as it was removed. Luckily it did not breach to the binder. 1:45 in the stick started to smoke very hot so I ended it with about 1 1/2″ remaining, just my personal taste. Flavors in the last third pushed more of the licorice and added a touch of warm nuts. Strength wise this is a medium-full stick, giving me jitters and making me a bit light headed for 30 min after filming. Thank you very much to Corona Cigar Company for sending this sample for review!

  • Eron from Canada

    Jeremie’s gonna love this stick.. He’s always going on and on how much he loves the taste of warm nuts.

  • Jérémie

    Eron your comment doesn’t sound right, the way you say it. LOL ! I do like nutty flavor’s, espcialy peanut’s, cashew’s and walnut’s.

  • Tyler

    Another great review! But can you please review the CAO La Traviata??? It’s such a great cigar!

  • I have one waiting 🙂

  • Great review! I’m enjoying this cigar is I type!

  • I’m getting a strong soapy component. How would you describe this? Is this the damp aged note your tasting?

  • eric.hanson

    I just got one of these in a sampler from cigar.com, can’t wait to give it a try after seein this review.

  • ratpack007

    I have got to try this one!!

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