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Padron 1926 Anniversary No. 6 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 9, 2010
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Padron 1926 Anniversary No. 6 Cigar Review

This 4.7×50 stick offers a mottled medium chocolate glove soft wrapper, with seams you can see but not feel and almost no veins even visible. It has a uniform firm but not hard feel, a tight box press, double cap and has a slight oil sheen, giving a mild tobacco and pepper aroma. First light reveals a smooth pepper and tobacco with a hint of coffee on the long finish. The draw is perfect producing copious amounts of oily, rich smoke. The burn is actually pretty fast for a Padron, getting through the 1st third in 20 minutes. It’s a full body and near full strength, giving me the jitters slightly. Flavors are typically Padron complex, with leather, pepper and spice, nuts, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and earth all blended smoothly and richly together with a long finish and tons of smoke. The 2nd third toned the body and complexity down somewhat, turning to a medium-full creamy cocoa and touch of leather with much less pepper and spice. The finish is still long and oily with great smoke production. Ending the stick with an inch remaining at the 50 min mark the draw was getting very hot. Flavors had remained consistent from the 1/2 way point with rich creamy coffee and cocoa and a slightly peppery finish.

  • I appreciate it when you go off into detail. Because i use your videos as one of the ways to educate myself on the subject, as well to get reviews. Great job!

    • david121

      After watching these videos for a while I found myself looking for these same details lol

  • Jérémie

    One hell of great review. One hell of a great smoke. Thank you Bryan.

  • Thanks guys 🙂

  • kumar

    smoke an entire box before you give a real review or at least a half a box, also if your going to review something , it’s an anniversario. what a joke.

  • Poor kumar/Roasted – No Padron for you – one year! hahahah 🙂

  • Chaz

    This reminds me that I am about due for my special ocassion high end Padron. Now to figure out what ocassion…

    Great review!

  • Speaking of anniversaries mine is on tax day April 15, maybe ill skip paying taxes and get me a box. 🙂

  • John M

    great review, so far my favorite stick!

  • ryanmo45

    I just bid on one of these babies for 11.00 with one hour remaining…fingers crossed. Ive got to try one.

  • goldendd

    You are by far the best cigar blogger on the net. I really appreciate your attention to detail as if you were reviewing a fine wine. However, I did not like your comment about how you limit your reviews to sticks for the average person. I can’t afford a Lamborghini but I still enjoy watching the Speed Channel when they put one to the test. I can afford to smoke Padron and I do regularly. I smoked my first one because of you. Keep doin’ what your doin’. I promise I will send you one from my next box.

  • ACID370Z

    Ahh yes the mighty Padron 26 #6.. MY favorite.
    I’ll take it in Natural or Maduro..

  • JohnBarleyCorn

    Had my first Padron ’26 on Thursday night, I paired it with a Mclelland’s 12 year. Visually this stick isn’t the most impressive but boy once I sparked it up I was in heaven with each puff. I definitely will look to them again the next time I splurge. Bryan do you prefer the 26 or the 64? Also do you have any of the family reserves lined up for review?

  • david121

    I got this one from your premium sampler.. awesome.

  • Daniel.A

    i’ve been wanting to give this one a try but have not yet found it in any of my local retailer stores. how would you guys compare this one with the 1964? more strength more flavor or about the same. i love the 64.

  • eric.hanson

    I love this stick and think your review is spot on to the flavors I get. I also just one of these in maduro in a sampler pack. Bryan could you review a 1926 maduro sometime?

  • garlar10

    These cigars are amazing. I love the cinnamon in these. Can’t wait to have another of these guys.

  • hoghead

    Put flame today at 6:58 pm July 20 /2013 … Wow stated off with a bang. Paid $13.00 at local B&M. Loving it so far, paired with a Scoth, JWBlack. No Padron has disappointed me yet, some are just better then others….
    Edited: may need a touch up…the burn has just went a bit off…but not an issue.

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