Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, April 5, 2010
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Oliva Serie V Churchill Extra Cigar Review

This 7×52 sungrown stick is wrapped in a medium chocolate, satin leaf with a slight tooth, even spongy construction and a triple cap giving a soft sweet floral aroma. First light reveals a medium-full body of strong black pepper throughout the mouth and a soft but deep tobacco. The draw is very loose, putting off a small amount of soft light smoke. By the 1/2 way point flavors had transitioned to a creamy, smooth oily roasted coffee, with a light finish that brought a touch of the pepper and spice. These flavors carried all through the last half, ending the stick at 1:20, a great time for a very flavorful stick!

  • dj

    Nice review, Brian. I always enjoy your insights and delivery.

  • Chaz

    I think Oliva is one of the most consistently excellent lines there is… and an awesome value as well!

    Great review Bryan, as always 🙂

  • Mike

    I’ve been eyeing up the Series G Maduro as one my next sticks to try but I’ll have to give this one a good consideration too. Sounds like a great smoke. Thanks for the insight

    • Bricpeter

      I have had the G in a camaroon torpedo(I have been wanting to try the maduro myself). Don’t expect a whole ton of changes/transitions as it is a very consistant stick if the used the same blend but a different wrapper. Dominant flavors are cedar and sweet/slightly creamy tobacco.

  • Bricpeter

    I totally enjoy the Series V! Excellent line – excellent value. I recently picked up the Series V Liga Especial Belicoso for just under 6 bucks. Like you said, definitely not an everyday smoke at that price point, but a FAR better value than other cigars that tout themselves as super rare/ultra high quality. Completely box worthy!

  • biggm

    The Oliva V is one of the most consistent cigars I smoke. My favorite are the double robusto and the large ring gauge toro. The large ring gauge gives all that flavor but tends to be an even smoother smoke. One of my favorites and frequently one of the most consistent cigars I smoke.


    • rkje615

      I recently picked up a double robusto at my local cigar store for about $5.75. Much better than many cigars I have had for more dinero. I really enjoyed, will be getting more in a couple of days. I tend to enjoy fuller bodied smokes, really like the Cain Habano 460, the Joya De Nicaragua Antono 1970, and the Joya De Nicaragua Celebracion. Nothing like complete satisfaction from a full flavored smoke!

  • Spencer Sargent

    how strong was this cigar? did you get a head-rush at all? is there any Rocky Patel you can compare it to strength-wise? (i have had almost his whole line)

    • It was up there but not full. I would say the Edge and Decade are close strength wise.

  • Bryan

    Great review, as always. I know you have reviewed both, but which line do you prefer, the Serie V or the Serie O? What would be your reasons for choosing one over the other?

  • Cliff

    I urge you all to try the Serie V in the lancero size. I know its not a popular vitola so you may have trouble finding them if you arent buying them online, but if you are, pick up a 5 pack. The lancero rreally gives you a chance to taste what makes this cigar special. That o-so-tasty Jalapa Valley sungrown wrapper.

  • skipper2101

    I could not agree with you more. As of late I have delved into the world of lanceros, focusing on the flavor of the wrapper rather than the fillers. I love the intensity of the serie v in lancero. I also would urge others to give it a try. Bryan, love the honesty of your reviews. Thank you.

  • Ocar423

    How much do you usually spend on a cigar?

  • barney

    always in my humidors, just opened a new box of double robusto, perfectly constructed cigar. top shelf smoke!

  • benjammin94

    This stick is amazing. Pepper blast at the beginning for sure but the “desert type” stick to follow is an experience in itself. Always will have a few in the humidor and if anyone is looking for a “Full bodied” great stick look no further, seriously!

  • Rob

    I was all set to have this tonight and walked outside and everything was wet…apparently it rained and looked like it was going to rain more. Such a bummer. Maybe tomorrow night.

  • Daniel.A

    gotta say this was a good smoke. though i gotta also say i liked better the oliva serie g maduro. maybe i lit it wrong i know not. but i will definitely give it another try.

    • Rob

      When you get a chance, watch the CO how to smoke a cigar video. Bryan goes over lighting techniques and how to achieve max flavor.

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    CI Has an April Fools sale on a 5 pack sampler for $27.50 right now. Good deal?

    • Rob

      I picked up that same sampler. It was a great deal for me since I live in California. The same cigars in a shop retail between $9-$17 depending on size and the shop.

      • SsgtJerikUSMC

        Well I’m definitely gonna have to move on that than. The tobacco tax here in IL is insane. Thanks!

  • D-BO


  • SLCigarClassy101

    Unlike most of your other reviews where I had a slightly different experience with the cigars due to my own inexperience with picking up the subtle flavors, I have to say this review was exactly the same experience I had smoking the cigar. Honestly, Pepper has never been my desired frontal flavor for cigars and the deep Earthiness wasn’t helping things either but boy, what a shift it was at he 2nd third when those dessert flavors hit my taste buds! It was a sharp contrast from the beginning and I smoke i down to the nub with how cool the smoke was staying. Though, I do wonder if they give it those staring flavors so your mouth can more intensely experience the better flavors later on? Regardless, thank you for including this in your Cigarobession Sampler as it was very unique experience. A solid 9 in my book with its complexity and flavors.

  • eric.hanson

    This is one of the best sticks I’ve ever had! And if you get these on the daily deals they’re pretty well priced too. I remember last summer cigar monser had a 5 pack of these for like $27.95 with free shipping. I bought 2 of them and I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a better stick for $5 🙂

  • Corey

    This cigar is great, one of my favs…. My opinion some of the best quality next to Pepin Garcia

  • Christopher

    Wow! I just had the corona size tonight and it was great. A smooth buttery flavor after the initial pepper blast off the top and I found a major transition to a deep baker’s chocolate in the second half. Really nice stick.

    • JJO

      Those #4’s are terrific. Too bad they’re so hard to come by anymore.

  • Dirk

    I love these sticks.. new to my supply.. great. I agree with your assessment completely

  • Davexoxo

    The Oliva V is right up there with Padron 1964, but about a hundred or so cheaper.
    Lots of rich flavor.
    One of my all time favs.

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