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Xikar Crossover Torch Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 27, 2010
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Xikar Crossover Torch Lighter Review

This single flame Crossover torch from Xikar features a very hot, wide single torch flame actuated by depressing a single button. The torch and button are both covered by a solid metal spring loaded cover with a positive open and close action. The whole piece is solid metal and gives an exceptional feel of quality. The finish on this particular model has grooved designs in the outer chrome surface, with black accents. The lines actually provide a good amount of grip to the unit. With a single adjustment knob on the bottom – easily turned but not loose enough to be mistakenly adjusted, finding the perfect flame is fast. For me, the fit is perfect, the button action is just right, and it has proven to be very consistent and reliable in use. With a burn time exceeding 13 min, it certainly hold ample butane to light many cigars. Check it out at Xikar.com! Photography by BG Pictures.

  • Nice

  • Dan Bowden

    Bad Ass…Just too much $$

    • Dan Bowden

      I just checked ouut the price and I stand corrected. Not to bad for how cool that is. I might have to get one. Thanks

      • david121

        plus the lifetime warranty!

  • Billy Friedman

    No fuel window. Thumbs down.

  • If a cigar blend uses the same tobacco, why do different sizes in the same line have different tastes?

  • Length and diameter effect the burn and flavor by having different proportions of filler to wrapper.

  • Nick H

    Is this lighter wind resistant or is it mainly an indoor lighter?

    • This is a torch that stays lit in moderate wind, yes.

  • Brandon

    This is an awesome lighter, your review convinced me to purchase it. I can light about 10 to 12 cigars before I have to refill. Have had it for several months and I will never buy another ligher again.

  • Fred

    This looks like a great lighter. Have you seen, used, or heard about the Xikar Enigma?

  • Jackson

    I bought this lighter entirely based on your review and I love it. However, mine RARELY lights on the first try. I usually have to click the ignition button once before it lights, sometimes several times. Is this issue uncommon for torch lighters? I find it mildly frustrating only because I bought the lighter three days ago and it did not seem to consistently have this problem at first. I’ve purged it and refilled it several times and my release gage is turned to around 90% like you said. I’m using triple-refined butane and I follow all directions every time I fill and light it. Is this hesitance to light something worth taking it back for? Would the shop I got it from refund me or know how to fix this problem? IS IT EVEN A PROBLEM?


    • It’s certainly not unusual but if you feel it’s a problem certainly I would return it.

      • Jackson

        Well if it’s typical of this lighter then i’ll certainly keep it. It’s still the best I’ve ever used.

  • Jackson

    Well if it’s typical of this lighter then I’ll certainly keep it. It’s still the best I’ve ever used. If you didn’t experience this with yours, however, please let me know.

    • It sometimes happens but a good complete clean and purge takes care of it most of the time – they have great instructions on the xikar site.

  • lbrinson0002

    Can’t find this lighter on Xikar’s site.

    • lbrinson0002

      Ok I did find this lighter cuz. but its not the one you had. Thats fine though there the same style , they just don’t say crossover on the website, there EX.

      • Not the same. Ex is a natural flame crossover is a torch. You’ll have to google to find who has it in stock.

  • lefty177

    Have you ever heard of the Xikar Inpress? I got one for free with a 10-pack from CI & I’ve purged it & used Xikar’s own fuel & it has made a flame a total of 2 times. I even sent it back & they sent me it back & still nothing. What are your thoughts?

  • david121

    i own an alec bradley hendrix torch, great lighter all around. but i think i might pick up one of these down the road!

  • D-BO


  • vscarpine

    I just had to return this lighter back to Xikar and since they dont make it anymore does anyone know what they send back if they cant fix mine (hoping for a fix this is a great lighter)

  • stevenknisley

    I wish I had this lighter.

  • Just had to send this bad boy in for maintenence.

  • zanlamb

    I would have thought the burn time of the torch lighter would have been much less than the natural flame. Nice surprise to see its the other way around.

  • Xikar sent me a brand new lighter to replace my old one. I’m happy with it.

  • eric.hanson

    It’s a shame that Xikar ddoesn’t make the crossovers anymore, I have and Elipse 2 for my torch lighter and love it but need a good natural flame lighter and would love to get a crossover like the one you have.

  • wcfennell

    There are a few of these on Ebay and some of them are going for over $100!! Apparently a lot of people want them.

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