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Tambo Perfecto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 26, 2010
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Tambo Perfecto Cigar Review

This 6×48 perfecto stick comes wrapped in a very firm, mottled light brown wrapper with slight tooth, smooth seams and a mild tobacco aroma. Without cutting the foot which is a very small tapered point, the draw is firm for the first few draws but quickly develops to a perfect balance of resistance. Flavors are a light leather and aged tobacco. A creamy, smooth oily core, medium-full bodied with adequate smoke output and a very short, clean finish. By the 2nd third flavors had grown more deep and power rose to meet the near full body. Showing a deep heavy leather, it was increasingly oily and smooth with a better smoke output. The finish had grown long and full as well carrying the same draw flavors. Taking the band off did reveal a glob of glue that took a chunk of wrapper, but luckily the binder held. The rest of the stick was consistent – very smooth, rich and enjoyable to the 1:20 mark where I ended it with about 1″ left but it was hot to me. Thank you very much to Tambo Cigars for sending this for review!

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