Tambo Perfecto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 26, 2010
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Tambo Perfecto Cigar Review

This 6×48 perfecto stick comes wrapped in a very firm, mottled light brown wrapper with slight tooth, smooth seams and a mild tobacco aroma. Without cutting the foot which is a very small tapered point, the draw is firm for the first few draws but quickly develops to a perfect balance of resistance. Flavors are a light leather and aged tobacco. A creamy, smooth oily core, medium-full bodied with adequate smoke output and a very short, clean finish. By the 2nd third flavors had grown more deep and power rose to meet the near full body. Showing a deep heavy leather, it was increasingly oily and smooth with a better smoke output. The finish had grown long and full as well carrying the same draw flavors. Taking the band off did reveal a glob of glue that took a chunk of wrapper, but luckily the binder held. The rest of the stick was consistent – very smooth, rich and enjoyable to the 1:20 mark where I ended it with about 1″ left but it was hot to me. Thank you very much to Tambo Cigars for sending this for review!

  • Hi Brian
    Excellent observations throughout. I too clip a centimeter or so off the tip before lighting up a Tambo Perfecto as I like a smooth effortless draw. I think you will find the Super Robusto and Grand Robusto to your liking as both offer abundant smoke with an effortless draw. Glad you noted the 5 year village aged tobacco we use in the filler as well. Aged flavor cannot be faked.

    Also, as you noted we ship our cigars from Indonesia and we are now offering $20 flat rate shipping for up to 3kilos by express mail of any of our cigars. Customs is still hit and miss as of course it should be with the security concerns in today’s world and your reccomendation of giving the sticks a well deserved rest after traveling 10,000 miles is spot on! Great Photos as always… Thanks again for taking the time to video review our Tambo Perfecto.

  • Gary

    I have had the Super Robusto of this line and loved it. It has the same taste as the Perfecto and the burn and draw on this line of cigars is perfect with a razor sharp burn to it. The taste I got was basically the wood with cream undertones while getting a toasted nuttiness during the second and third part. This is an up and coming cigar which I think if more people try it will create a very positive buzz. It is not a domestic cigar but rather Indonesian…don’t let that deter you or you will miss out on a very very good cigar.

  • The full line is in que for review, that was the first of the bunch 🙂

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