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Flor de Cielo Churchill Corojo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 24, 2010
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Flor de Cielo Churchill Corojo Cigar Review

This 7×50 stick offers a dark tan wrapper with a slightly toothy, oily finish showing a good amount of small and medium veins. The aroma is a faint soapiness. First light is on the mild side showing just a slight sweetness, hint of pepper and a grass flavor with a long, mild finish of the grass. Smoke output is minimal, draw is perfect, just the right resistance. The burn is following some of the veins, putting burn lines straight down the stick in spots. By the start of the 2nd third the burn had evened itself out, draw was still perfect and smoke production increased to very good levels, giving a rich smooth output. Flavors had transitioned to a deep musty leather, with a good sweetness and black pepper flavor with just a hint of the zing. The finish was growing longer holding the sweetness and pepper flavors with a mild-medium body. At the 1/2 way point flavors had changed to a milk chocolate although slight, and the sweetness had caramel and licorice components. The finish was still mostly the pepper although the zing had increased, washing over the tongue. The stick proved to be consistent for the remainder of the 1 hour total smoke time. Thank you to Corona Cigar Company for sending this for review!

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