Augusto Reyes Maduro Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 22, 2010
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Augusto Reyes Maduro Belicoso Cigar Review

This 6.5×54 dark chocolate wrapped stick offered a fuzzy, very toothy firm feel with a rich oily cocoa aroma. First light reveals a very tight draw, hardly any smoke or flavor. What is there is just a mild tobacco, although oily and smooth. Taking a 2nd cut off the head opened up the draw to a normal level, just on the snug side. Smoke production improved, although still not voluminous by any means. Flavors were a medium bodied burned coffee, oily slightly sweet tobacco with a finish of slight black pepper flavor and zing. The stick didn’t want to burn evenly, the wrapper falling behind every 10 draws or so and required frequent relights and touchups. After a fresh light the flavors were very rewarding with a creamy, oily coffee and cocoa and slight peppery finish. As the burn deteriorated though, it slid toward the mild side with less smoke output and a general earthy core. The stick continued from here to 1:30 where it had a little over 1″ remaining but probably due to multiple relights, got very hot a bit early. Thank you very much to Ken Glass for sending this for review, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Ken Glass

    Bryan, great review as always. I got 2 10 pk.lots of those Sept. of last year on an auction site. I believe I got them for around $3.00 a stick, and I was kinda nuts about the bid sites back then–I would get anything I saw. I had one that did not burn well, and I’ve smoke about 5 of these. All the others were perfect, and seemed more med.-full, than what you experienced. I too loved the flavors. Another thing, some are very light–like a good sun-grown wrapper color, and others are very dark. I think I will go and try another one, and am sorry it did not work out for you! Oh, well—handmade’s, huh?

  • Nothing to be sorry for – I still enjoyed it and got quite a bit of time out of it! Thanks again!!

    • Ken Glass

      Bryan, I’m about 2″ in on the same stick, and it is smoking great, but it does seem very mild-med to me now. I smoked a Fuente Royal Salute Maduro earlier today, and this has about the same smoke output. I am not comparing them though, the AF Chateau series are just excellent! But, I do taste a similarity, and they are both DR sticks. I’m enjoying it so far, and perfect burn-line, and smoke. Thanks for the review, and have you smoked the Royal Salutes? I fellow BOTL sent me 8 of these, and they are superb!

    • Bryan, great blog. My name is Keith Hager. I’m the Vice President of Augusto Reyes Cigar Company here in the United States. I wanted to give you some information before its released as a press release.
      Augusto Reyes Jr. has now opened a distributiion center here in the United States. This is the first time the family has come to the U.S. to launch their brands. The current lines available were only offered through two sources. Cigars International and Thompsons Group. Now Augusto Jr. is launching three new blends (Sixth Generation, Signature Series, and A.R. Vintage Series) These cigars will only be offered in premium cigar shops Nationwide. We are expecting the launch to happen in June. If you give me your mailing address I’ll be sure to send you a few samples of each blend. I promise you this, if you liked the first seven lines offered in the U.S. you will now be smoking some of the most ocmplex, well balanced cigars you have ever smoked. I’ve been in the tobacco industry for over 12 years, with my last job being the operations manager with Rocky Patel, I like to think I know cigars. I know you will like what we have to offer in the new premium lines.
      The Signature Series is our Medium body cigar. It has a creamy start with a sligh hint of spicyness and the finish is a hint of cedar and creamyness.
      The Sixth Generation is just a power house. It starts with a strong spice, with earthly undertons. When you get a quarter way into the cigar you will find it changes with a hint of leather, and cedar. As you get to the end of the cigar there will be no confusion this is a full body cigar. A extra leaf of tobacco was added at the cabo just to finish this cigar with some extra power.
      Last and my favorite, the A.R. Vintage Series. This cigar is by far the most complex cigar the family has ever made in 156 years if you ask my opinion. Augusto Jr. blended this cigar himself and never intended on offering it for production. His thought was it would be a project for his families personal smoking enjoyment. When I smoked this cigar at Augusto Sr.’s house I pleaded with them to launch this cigar, even if we would offer this as a limited production cigar. Well after six months they finally agreed.
      However, there were strings attached. They wanted me to help them in the U.S. lauch the cigar. I did promise to come work for them and become the V.P. of sales here in the U.S. office.
      We are going to offer this cigars only to a select few. I’ll make sure to add this to the samples I send to you as well.
      Once you have smoked them all I ask of you is give me your honest opinion and then share it with your friends. No strings attached.

      I look forward to hear from you soon.


      Keith Hager

      • Beale Carter

        Good Morning Keith. Thank you for letting me know about your cigars. I have only smoked one and it came in a sampler from CI.

        I look foward to trying some of your new cigars. I will have to ask for them the next time I buy, Beale.

  • Nope, I have not even heard of a Royal Salute! lol

    I really haven’t had but a couple of Fuentes I got excited over – or really any more than a handful of Dominican for that matter. I love some of the Dominican Ashtons, and I love a couple of the Anejos, that’s about it so far from that kind of line that really I would buy a box of.

  • Ken Glass

    Bryan, the Salute is in the AF Chateau series line: King “B”, etc.. it’s the Double Corona size I guess–7.75″X 54. On another note, I’m still smoking the Augusto Reyes Maduro Belicoso, and it has been one of the best cigars I have smoked all week! Ample smoke! Perfect burn, ash dropped twice at 1.5″, and still has a little to go–I will smoke this to the nub. I must have sent you a dud. But, again that does reflect on consistency, huh? I’ll send another one, just to see.

  • Sticks

    Thanks for the great review. I just purchased a couple of these to try and I hope the flavors are as enjoyable as you experienced. I think I’ll let them sit in my humidor for a few months before I try one of them.

  • biggm

    Hi! I love the site! I purchased a box o AR maduro
    belicoso . I’m loving them. I also received a AR sampler. So far the line has actually smoke very well. I’m impressed. This sits up there with the sencillo for me. Thanks for the review. I can’t wait to try their super premiums at my local shop.


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