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Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 9, 2010
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Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado Toro Cigar Review

This 6.5×52 stick offers a dark chocolate wrapper with a firm pack and satin feel. Minimal veins, invisible seams and a peppery cocoa aroma present with a fairly dense heft. The first third starts off on the smooth side, with a touch of aged tobacco taste and richness. The smoke is rich and plentiful with a medium body and soft flavors of slightly sweet earthy tobacco with a big pepper kick. The finish is very long with the black pepper flavors building adding a zing over the tongue. Half way in at the 60 min mark, flavors had mellowed out a bit with the pepper coming and going at points. The sweetness had begun to change to a caramel, and the core flavor turned to a soft leather. By the last third, the pepper came back but not quite as strong, and the caramel died down a touch. Total burn time to the nub was 1:50. Thank you very much to Xikar for sending this sample for review!

  • Jérémie

    Interesting ! Thank you for the review my man. Gotta get me some.

  • Jan

    Curious if you had tried the Defiance by Xikar before they changed over to the HC Series. I’ve read that they are the same blend. I got a totally different flavor from them. Curious if you got the same thing???

  • No I never tried the Defiance.

  • The HC Habano Colorado is a different blend. The HC Criollo is the same blend as the Defiance…..we couldn’t retire the blend that got 91 ratings and #18 of the top 25 for 2008.
    Both of these blends are double ligero but smooth because of the 4+ years of aging on the tobacco.

  • biggm

    The hc series by xikar is an excellent smoke. I tried them all after an event at my local shop. My favorite is the colorado. Spicey and full bodied in my opinion. I’m not a fan of the 60 ring guage., but 54-56 is perfect. I’d probably make it a regular smoke on my list but they are pricey. I can pick up a RP edge sumatra fo 6 bucks after discount. Great smoke thoug. Thanks for the review man!


  • Dirk

    I purchased a five pack a couple months ago after watching your review. Firsty a bit skeptical.. but wow .. what a great surprise.. I don’t know who rolls these for Xicar but whoever it is.. bravo.. great stick in robusto.. a delight. MY WIFE EVEN TRIED ONE.. AND LOVED IT.. thanks for the review..

  • SLCigarClassy101

    Oops! I think I put one of my other comments on a different Xiar vid not realizing THIS was the one included in your Hidden treasure Sampler but in a smaller size. My bad if I confused anyone. Still, a great cigar I personally enjoyed!

  • eric.hanson

    I got one of these sitting in my humidor, this review mkes me want to try it, I’ve got to say that Xikar makes some good sticks for it not being their main thing.

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