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Gispert Churchill Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, March 3, 2010
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Gispert Churchill Cigar Review

This 7×54 stick offered a medium tan smooth oily wrapper with a slightly spongy feel. Mild in aroma, body and strength, it presents a fairly consistent experience, transitioning once between flavors over the long 2+ hour smoke. Although this particular sample had a wrapper flaw that cut it short at the 1:45 mark, it would easily push past 2 hours under normal circumstances. First half flavors were sweet and smooth with mild flavors of grass, moving to a mild sweet leather at the mid point. Smoke output was minimal, and the finish was unremarkable short of a mild pepper zing for most of the stick. The draw and burn were both very good, up to the band point where tears and holes opened up. Removing the band exposed a patch and large crack, ending the smoke. Thank you very much to Jeremie Plouffe for sending this in for review!

  • steffanan

    this is one of my favorite sticks. i usually smoke the shorter sticks, but this one is great for if i have a long time to kill, and if i don’t want a strong stick. I read about it on a page where a guy was saying that it was the best cigar for a beginner. actually, if i remember correctly, it was my first real cigar.

  • ryanmo45

    I got three of these in toro size as a gift. I smoked the first one right away. It was good. Nothing that really created a memorable experience but good. I put the other two away in the humi and about 10 months later I pulled one out and started toasting. One of the best mil-medium cigars I ever had. Flawless burn, great flavor, so mellow and smooth I just didnt want it to go out. now I dont want to light the last one. That little bit of age REALLY made the difference for me with this one.

  • dakilmartin1

    i am on my third box of the gispert belicosos. i enjoy these as my daily end of day therapy. they are very consistent from box to box and stick to stick.
    i was impressed with the detail of the packaging from the band design to the artwork on the insert inside the wood box.

    as i like to keep the smoke in my mouth a little bit the torpedo tip is perfect for my style of draw and exhale.

    it has the same taste characteristics as the video review and palatable to the nub.
    i enjoy this with a cup of hot coffee, iced water or single malt scotch.

    i agree for the price per stick (roughly $5) this is a great value. it does make a good starter stick and for us budget minded cigar affectionados it makes perfect “cents” “scents” and sense 🙂

    this my first review and i hope you will be kind with your comments

  • Boucher207

    Picked up a 5 pack of these in Belicoso, great everyday stick!

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