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The Griffin’s Perfecto Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 26, 2010
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The Griffin’s Perfecto Cigar Review

This 4 5/8×52 perfecto stick offered a medium tan smooth wrapper with good seams and a rock hard pack. Presenting draw problems until 1/4″ was clipped off the head and a further 1/2″ was burned off the foot, it finally settled to a just slightly firm draw. Burn was very good all the way down giving a rich voluminous smoke output. Flavors were very consistent showing a creamy cedar wood and slight pepper kick, with a short clean finish just leaving a touch of the pepper. Total burn time was 55min. Thank you very much to Michael Yamashita for sending this in for review, I greatly appreciate it!

  • Mike

    Yeah i had a Robusto size in this as well and it definitely was a different experience. Burned much slower and smoked much cooler start to finish. The power punch got to me as well with a little buzz towards the end of the smoke. Yeah for the amount of cigars I’ve tried i personally like other Connecticut ones.(like the Oliva Connecticut which I’m sending to you) Just wanted you to try it because of the high ratings it had, and i had a extra one.

  • I really like the perfecto shape. I just think it looks really nice. It’s a shame you had to cut so much off.

  • I like the look too, but it’s not worth paying extra for, to me. I buy cigars to smoke, not admire 😛

  • Ted

    Nice review Bryan.

    It’s too bad you had a bad experience with the construction on this Griffin, but I wouldn’t discount all perfectos due to this issue. In my 15 years of cigar smoking I’ve found that standard, narrow ring gauge smokes (44 or less) have a much higher incidence of plugging / difficult draw than any others. Also, most manufacturers seem to use more experienced rollers on the “fancier” shapes.

    Some perfectos I’ve enjoyed multiple times without any problems include:

    Avo 787 / LE-22
    Fuente Hemingway
    Gurkha Centurian / Legend Anniversario
    La Aurora Preferidos
    Perdomo Reserve Cameroon

  • It’s a short cigar, so it doesn’t really have time to be complex, so Kelner hits you with it from the onset.

    This tiny little perfecto is deceptive. The Griffin’s line is very mild, but even though this cigar has mild strength, it had a ton of flavor.

    From the get go, I am inundated with wave after wave of oaky sweet cream and a nice light coffee finish.

    The burn is dead on even and the cigar’s draw is perfect giving off ample smoke.

    My only complaint was that it was over too quickly. This is a good example of how a cigar can be mild in strength, but full flavored at the same time.

    I will buy more of these, as I can’t wait to see this one after a couple of year’s age. Bravo!

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