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Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Toro Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, February 10, 2010
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Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Toro Cigar Review

This 6×50 medium tan stick offers a soft satin wrapper with minimal veins and very smooth seams with a triple cap. Body started medium-full pulling down to a medium by the 2nd third. Strength slowly built up to full by the end of the stick at the 1:10 hour mark. Burn and draw were both excellent from start to finish, holding a very straight burn with just the right amount of resistance. Flavors were fairly consistent to the last third, giving a smooth, slightly chewy smoke with a creamy leather and slight pepper kick. The finish was long, growing heavy and slightly bitter as it burned down. The final third brought a creamy chewy earthiness with a hint of licorice, and a cleaner finish of oil, cream and the same chewiness on the palate. The only problem with this stick was a terrible band glue job, with a huge glob on the wrapper taking a chunk with the band. Luckily it did not breach and still smoked perfectly. Thank you very much to Ken Glass for sending this in for review!

  • Ken Glass

    Bryan, Thats why I love to see your take on cigars-, thanks!!I get these, kinda cheap–but hard to smoke until about half way, then I start getting a lot of the tastes I like. The band thing is crazy–I’m used to a band coming off–no hassles. Great review! as you know, I smoke top shelf, and others–some are better that others. I tend to like a stronger cigar, but not always. Thanks.
    Ken Glass

  • Ken I will always remember you as the guy that tried to kill me with all the full strength cigars LOL! Thanks again for the selection 🙂

  • Lenny Waller

    I have enjoyed many Victor Sinclair Cigars. Really never had one I didn’t consider good. Many times they are quite reasonable on CigarBid.Com.
    Be well,

  • Shawn

    Victor Sinclair’s good construction, good burn, and then you try to take off the band . . . I have smoked the Primeros line (nice mild) and the Connecticut Yankee (blech!) and both were smoking nicely until I tried to take off the band. Same problem as Brian with the Krazy Glue. If they fix the band problem I would love to try the rest of the Sinclairs.

  • Stefan Nychka

    Hey. Just finished smoking one of these.

    I had 2 dominant flavours: a dusty cocoa, and something sweet and a bit sour. Sort of like apple. More sour in my two previous smokes, just sweet in my most recent one.

    I did have the band issue, although in my case it also didn’t damage the cigar. Maybe they glue it to a non-essential part of the wrapper??

    Mine were surprisingly full, too. Not overly, but noticeable.


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