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Cielo Poseidon Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 25, 2010
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Cielo Poseidon Cigar Review

This 5×50 box pressed sungrown offered a satin medium chocolate wrapper with minimal veins, an oily feel and a slightly toothy appearance. Flavors were medium-full bodied all the way down, giving a big rich smoke filled experience. They included an aged tobacco smoothness, black pepper flavor with a bit of a zing, oily, smooth deep leather that turned pretty creamy in the 2nd third and a fairly long finish that held the creamy smoothness and a bit of pepper. With no real transitions it was very consistent all the way down and that’s just fine with me, it was excellent! Draw was perfect and burn was almost razor sharp never needing to even look at it. The ash was light grey and held to 1 1/2″ at each drop. Burn time to the last inch where it became very hot was 55 min. Thank you very much to Corona Cigar Company for generously sending this for review!

  • Jérémie Plouffe

    I had that cigar and really enjoyed it, I found it really spicy and almost full bodied though but I had the toro size. Definately a cigar I would buy by the box. Great review as always.

    Thank you,

  • Scott

    Question, have you had the opportunity to try a different size? I enjoyed the one I had in a sampler, but it was the same size you had. I wanted to know if the flavors and strength to body ratio stayed the same throughout the different sizes.

  • No I have not had other sizes yet but I want to, I really enjoyed it!

  • JJO

    Bryan, just wanted to know if you have smoked any of these recently. I know that Perdomo is a model of consistency, but just wanted to see if you have had any recent experience with them.

    • Nope, but now that I read that again I want to go find one 🙂

      • Cherokee

        JJO – July 2012 I bought a five-pack of the Poseidons after seeing Bryan’s review. I am letting four of them sit in the humi for a while. Couldn’t wait on all five. The one I smoked was great; lots of rich smoke, perfect draw, almost perfect burn, medium/full body and lots of flavor. Pretty stick to look at as well. I plan on buying a box once I make some room in the humidor.

        • JJO

          Cherokee – Thanks for the info! I will keep that in mind.

        • socks

          Any idea where I could buy a 5-pack of these Cielo Poseidon cigars? Thanks

          • JJO

            They are exclusive to Corona Cigar. Click the link in the text. I don’t think they are offering 5-packs any longer, just singles and boxes.

  • Dalton Little

    I tried this stick recently and I’d give it a 7 outa 10 I really enjoyed this one. Sadly the only cigar shop I knew around to carry them shut down so tough break.

    • Mobleyjared

      Quick question what are the drawback do to speak of this cigar according to you? I have read where some one said they were to spicy or fullbodied! I would alto ate you opinion.

  • curtpick

    ok great review as always ! Your going to break me ! Followed your link to Corona Cigar Co. another great looking establishment !! Thanks again Bryan !

  • Got these per you recommendation by sadly not impressed
    Tasted bitter
    Not a pleasant experience to me personally

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