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Camacho Pre-Embargo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 20, 2010
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Camacho Pre-Embargo Cigar Review

This 6×48 stick is derived from actual decades old pre-embargo tobacco from Cuba. Offering a medium chocolate wrapper with a spongy feel, closed foot and pigtail cap it shows minimal veins and good clean seams. With a burn time of only 1 hour, it imparts a medium-full body and full strength, giving a rush and buzz just an inch in to the smoke. Smoke output was voluminous after burning off the closed foot, giving rich smooth flavors. The first half showed a typical aged tobacco smoothness with a bit of mustiness and a good pepper zing on the long finish. At the half way point it transitioned to a creamy flavor and light leather, keeping the cream through the finish where the pepper joined in. Burn was wavy but it performed well all the way down with a draw just on the loose side. If you want these you must buy now while they exist.

  • Very nice review. I think they might be a nice pickup at <$10 but then I am cheap. Sounds like a decent cigar if you want the full nic bodied cigars. I prefer to have no nicotine and a lot of flavor in mine, so I doubt I will go out of my way to search this one out.


  • kmckinn3

    I really enjoy all your reviews. I have one of these in the humi and will be getting it to it sooner than I thought now. Thanks and keep ’em comin.

  • Jim

    Just smoked one of these today at my smoke shop. Agree, about 1″ in, it gave me a strong buzz. Had an empty stomach as well so that made it tough. I enjoyed the flavors, but had to put it down until I ate something.

  • James

    I have a few problems with this review. Number one, pre-embargo tobacco in bales will continue to ferment, would thus be so deteriorated it would fall apart in your hands as it’s 50 years old! Henri Berger who spent many years in the cuban cigar industry before starting his own tabacalera Esteli said “If there is any pre-embargo tobacco still out there then i don’t exist.” Says alot when one is considering spending $500 on a box of 25 stogies! I love my cigars but also know that the corporate worlds bottom line is not our pleasure but their profit! Cuba also no longer ships tobacco but only cigars! I have a friend who tells me he gets cigars made in costa rica from cuban tobacco that is shipped there. Not possible! Tell me otherwise if i’m wrong please.

    • jpculp57

      Interesting thoughts James; however Cigar Aficiando would have to disagree with you on the tobacco deteriation theory as my last issue had them reviewing a 30+ year old cigar. My guess is that stored in the right conditions tobacco can last literally forever. They also didnt necessarily ship the tobacco from Cuba recently as it could have been owned by Camacho since the embargo. The embargo was also just US not wordly so someone in Estelli could have gotten some after 1962.

  • puffrey

    Anybody know if these are still available anywhere? My buddy wanted to get a few for an upcoming special event.

    • EzyE77

      Cigars International may have a 3 pack for $39 if not they have the “cigar snob sampler” which has 2 plus 6 other “ultra premiums” for $50. either not to bad of a deal if you really want them. They are very good tho.

  • Boucher207

    I really need to find this.

  • eric.hanson

    I see these marked all the time as the closest thing to Cubans out there, anytime I see marketing like that I always have caution about buying. Bryan, since you’re had some Cuban cigars before, would say this one is actually like a cuban or not?

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