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Man O’War Ruination Belicoso Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 13, 2010
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Man O’War Ruination Belicoso Cigar Review

This 5.7×56 stick offers a dark and oily wrapper with fairly firm construction, small veins and tight seams. Draw was perfect and the burn was very good all the way down, holding long tight ashes. The first inch had quite a spice kick with a smooth tobacco core and long finish. It then transitioned to flavors including coffee, chocolate, licorice, sweetness and left a long finish of oily tobacco and deep espresso. Body was medium-full with rich thick smoke while strength was pushing full. After the video I did have a jittery buzz for 30 min or so. Total burn time was 1:15 to the nub. Thank you very much to Chaz from Long Island, a fan of the site for generously sending me this to try!

  • Mike – KnightRid

    Nice review. I am not a fan of that jittery buzz from the nicotine but i do want to give these a try someday. I keep hearing good things from everybody who tries them, so peer pressure will get the best of me one of these days 🙂


  • Chaz

    Great review Bryan! I didn’t think of it before, but I can see what your getting at with the Pepin Blue comparison… gotta go smoke one now to confirm. poor me.

    The big difference I noticed between this and the regular MOW (besides being a bit fuller) was the whole dryness thing- not a deal breaker as long as a good drink is on hand.

    AJ Fernandez seems to have the right idea- I have really liked most of the stuff he makes so far.

    Glad you enjoyed the smoke!!!

  • I just smoked this for the first time last evening. Overall a real enjoyable smoke. Beautiful construction; good draw and it had a real nice wrapper. Like Mike, I was not a fan of the jittery nicotine buzz. I did not sense it until the end, and when it hit, it hit.

    Overall though, I enjoyed this cigar. Nice review.

    Stogie 1

  • Mike D.

    Just wonderin….Brian bought up in the video about smoking in the car….How many people do actually somke there cigar while they drive.I have tried it a few times and I cant seem to enjoy my smoke as much behind the wheel. Just like to get you guys imput on this


    • g. worley

      Regarding smoking in the car:
      I always smoke a cigar when driving IF (1. the driving doesn’t require much attention, ie mountain roads or traffic (2. my companion in the car does not object–in which case I may invite him to walk. But you are right in that too many distractions take away from enjoyment of the cigar; you wind up just trying to keep it lit and worrying about the ash dropping off.

    • Chipdivot

      I smoke in my truck during the time before daylight savings time because it’s too dark and cold outside when I get home…but I keep the windows open almost all the way which makes it very windy and cold anyway and not very enjoyable. Sitting on the patio with a sniftner of Germain Robin brandy is sooo much more enjoyable.

  • biggm

    This is an awesome smoke. I picked up 2 from a sampler. If you like these full flavor smokes I’d also try the tatuaje brown label. Tatuaje has a haloween cigar out right now in assortments of ten. I’ve heard it’s another awesome flavor bomb. If you’re a member at a shop see if you can get someone to split a box. I’ve heard they are amazing.


  • Jason

    Hi…I very much enjoy your reviews! keep up the good work. I am a big fan of all the MoW sticks, the originals, Ruinations, and Virtue. They all have unique characteristics that make them enjoyable. I have not tried the new, uber expensive MoW Armada, and at that price point, I probably won’t any time soon. In any case, AJ Fernandez rocks, and so does CigarObsession.com

  • Justin

    These comments come after smoking my second Ruination. Thoroughly enjoyable, although I didn’t get any transitions, just a consistent heavy tobacco flavor. Excellet burn and smoke quality was perfect. No nic buzz either, this one sat in the humi for about 6 months. I don’t know about the Don Pepin comparison as I have not smoked one, but personally I find these very similar in taste/performance to the Cuba Libre One. The price difference was distinct though, as I picked up a box of the Cuba Libre One’s for under $2 per stick. I will keep smoking them unless I find a tremendous deal on the Ruination. Great reviews Bryan, love the site!

  • D-BO


  • juf100

    Good deal on Cigar International today, S.L. sampler including 2 of these..

  • vscarpine

    Love this cigar one of my personal favs…really enjoy the entire man o war line but this is my fav in the line and def in my top 5 (as of now)

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    After watching this review this smoke sounds right up my alley. I like to keep some strength for an every now again smoke but I prefer the smoothness along with the strength. Flavors also sound perfect for me. Plus you can’t beat the bad ass Spartan helmet design on the band! I’ll have to pick some of these up.

  • eric.hanson

    Very good review I get similar flavors out of this stick, this might be my favorite Man O’ War, and I love them all! As fo the Don Peppin Blue comparision, I’ve had both sticks several times and I don’t think they’re that similar, might just be me though.

  • Camshaft83

    I got one of these in a sampler and am looking forward to smoking it soon.

  • HerbalJedi

    I want to try one of these. I think I might pick one up next time.

  • Ellis

    I have one of these in a toro (from a sampler). Just had 1…I’d be willing to trade w someone for it if they had something in a similar bracket/vein 🙂

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