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Baccarat Petit Corona Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 11, 2010
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Baccarat Petit Corona Cigar Review

This 5.5×42 natural stick offers a dry, satin wrapper with a light pack and a spongy feel with a few soft spots. Burn was very good all the way down, holding 1″ ash chunks and giving lots of good smoke volume. Flavors were never harsh, giving a mild-medium body of a sweet leather and pepper core, with a fairly long finish adding a slight pepper zing over the tongue. This is a quick smoke, ending at 40 min to the nub where it got pretty hot in temp and I ended it while the flavors stayed on the smooth side. Draw was just about perfect, just on the loose side giving very easy resistance. The only flavor transition was from an extremely sweet first inch to a mild sweetness the rest of the way down due to the sweetened tip.

  • danzig777

    This was the first cigar I ever smoked. I smoked it in a Churchill I believe it was good and I liked it.

  • Boucher207

    Im a huge fan of the smaller ring gauges!

  • Bosoxlaxcarl

    One of the first cigars I ever smoked was a Baccarat and to this day is still one of my absolute favorites. It was a churchill but I am not sure which type it was specifically which kind of sucks because I want to enjoy it again haha

  • sdh3237

    I had one of these today in the Churchill size. I could definitely taste the sweetened tip for the first inch. After the sweetness wore off a bit it settled into a nice mellow smoke. It didn’t have any great flavor transitions however it was enjoyable nonetheless. I will be picking up a few more of these to store in my humidor.

  • BCamara

    Just had one of these a few minutes ago and I felt inclined to comment. This was a very enjoyable stick (in Robusto) slightly sweetened tip in the first 3rd. I didn’t really get leather but more of a black coffee espresso flavor which is how I prefer my coffee and pepper in the retro hale. Very nice, and for the price its even better. I smoked the sucker down to an inch when it started burning my fingers.

  • joeyza

    Selected these as my freebies with my last order from Famous Smoke. Your review nailed it. My feedback for the forum is try these as a nice alternative to the big boys. I tend to smoke full bodied, medium/full strength cigars such as 601 la Bomba, Opus X, Oliva, etc., and begrudgingly smoked this tonight as an experiment. I’m really surprised that I enjoyed it. I also recommend it as a gateway cigar. You know what I mean. You bring along some for the foursome, camping buddies, etc. First one’s free!

  • Malice158

    I love the Baccarat. These have become my everyday cigar. For me, I get a sweet grass/tobacco/leather flavor. Love em!

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