Mi Barrio El Acere Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, January 8, 2010
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Mi Barrio El Acere Cigar Review

This 60×6 Habano stick offers a satin toothy wrapper with small veins, tight seams and a nice triple cap with a sweet oily tobacco aroma. It has an excellent draw and very good burn, never needing attention and holding the ash in 1/3 solid chunks. Body was medium, smoke output was very good, becoming richer as the burn progressed. Flavors had a bit of complexity bringing a soft earth, slight sweetness at the start and progressing to an oily light leather all the while showing a very smooth aged tobacco character. Transitions showed a more creamy texture, almonds, licorice and a nuttiness at the last 3rd. The whole stick showed a smoothness reminiscent of aged tobacco as all the flavors seamlessly moved from one to the next. Total burn time was 1:15 to the last inch. Photography by BG Pictures. Thank you to EO Cigars and Stogiereview.com for the opportunity to win this in your Christmas contest!

  • Jérémie Plouffe

    Hi, Bryan

    It looks like one good cigar for my taste anyways. Great job on the review. I take a peak’s daily on your site to see what’s new.
    Just wanted to ask quick quick, is there a specific reason why you don’t tell more about where the stick come’s from and what it’s composed of for filler, binder, wrapper etc…$$$$. Oh yeah, and I would greatly appreciate if you could review some of the Padron line such as the P 6000 and the P 2000.

    Thank you,

  • I do have some Padron in the pipes! I’ll see about bumping them up in the schedule 😉

    The reason I don’t go over all the cursory details is because it’s not information that has a direct bearing on the review. Prices change, materials and country of origin don’t mean anything specific – it is what it is. If someone is interested in the stick it doesn’t matter really.

  • Scriptman44

    Hey, did this have any strength to it. Thanks for the great job you do!

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