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Sir Vin Cigars Premium Royale Silver Lance Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, December 2, 2009
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Sir Vin Cigars Premium Royale Silver Lance Cigar Review

This 6×50 box press double maduro stick offers a butter smooth dark chocolate wrapper with a very firm press and double cap. Total burn time to the nub was 1:20 with a perfect draw and almost razor sharp line. Flavors were fairly consistent, holding a core of creamy prominent leather and a long earthy, peppery finish to the last third where a nutty flavor joined in. Smoke was exceptionally rich and smooth, with plenty of maduro oils coating the mouth. Body and strength were medium-full and the leather was especially bright just after the draw. Thank you very much to Sir Vin Cigars for generously donating this stick for review! Photography by BG Pictures.

  • Sounds like an interesting texture on that wrapper. I’m not into leather, but you sold me on this one. Excellent review. This is one of the best video review series on the web. BTW, I’m stealing your tiki torch backdrop idea for my next show. I’ll give you props. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks! And thanks for commenting – now I have another source of vids to watch myself!

  • Zein

    Bryan, that was a great review. And i have to say that you sold me also on that cigar. That is a unique texture on that cigar and it burns well and i have to try it. The Macanudo Vintage will be on its way to you Thursday, so you should recieve it very soon. Keep up the great work, i love your reviews

    • Hello Bryan,
      Awesome review. You talents made me jealous. You have hooked me to your site. I am so very glad that you enjoyed my cigar because the Silver Lance was a personal work of love while creating it. The wrapper as you stated is vintage, (9 years in fact) and the binder is from the same batch. As our company philosophy states, we will create and market all of our cigars under $10.00 including state taxes.
      Thanks again and I invite you to be our guest on our Cigar show airing Dec. 7th on YouTube and in January airing once a month on Channel 12 WBNG TV.
      Best Wishes and Long Ash,
      Sir Vin

      • Kace

        Love your company motto. I think $10 a stick for such a fine cigar will reach a huge portion of the market. This is on my list of cigars to try.

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