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Double Flames Slide Lighter Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 23, 2009
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This fairly hefty lighter offers both a jet torch and a natural flame in one unit. The two flames are independent of each other, both in actuation and adjustment. The bottom holds the refill valve and two adjustment screws for the flames. The torch is lit by depressing the top button which slides the top cover back and starts ignition. The natural flame is then lit optionally by depressing the side button. You may then release the top slide, shutting down the torch, for a nice gentle flame. It offers good burn time for both options, but with no visible reservoir you must be diligent about filling.

  • Darrylyn

    I’ve noticed that lighter in your videos. And I often wondered about you using a natural flame to light your cigars. Knowing that you review cigars, it baffled me to think that you would use regular lighter fluid, and that it may alter the taste of the cigar. I read so many times by cigar aficionados that one should never use regular lighter fluid due to the taste it could contribute to your cigar. And that butane fluid should be used only. And your lighter actually uses butane. Well Bryan, now you’ve cleared this one up for me. I have never tried regular lighter fluid to light my cigars, have you?

  • You are talking about a Zippo, and no I don’t use those at all – only butane.

    • Darrylyn

      I do not use Zippos either, but I do collect them. I purchased a Firebird, and I can’t rely on the light at all. It’s hit or miss with that baby.
      But after reading some blogs about the Ronson, I went to Walmart, paid maybe $3.00 for it, and she’s earned the name “old reliable!” And the only drawback for me is, no visible reservoir.

  • Ted

    Thanks for the review Bryan. I like the idea of having a soft flame + torch lighter, but as all of my smoking is outside, I’d almost never use the flame option.

    My main lighter during the past few years has been a Blazer PB-207 clone. Great, reliable torch with a huge reservoir.

  • Jay

    Where can I get this lighter? I can’t find a link or an accessories page where I can buy it?

  • buy lighters has it among others – just google for it.

    • I did an I ordered mine for $7.99 SHIPPED! Should arrive tomorrow, can’t wait! Thanks Bryan.

  • Stefano

    After your review i have decided to buy it, ordered 22 days ago and arrived today (Milan, Italy), it looks great.
    i would test it in these days, but after your review i’m sure it’s a great lighter, in particular for the price (9€ shipment included).
    Thank you for the review.

  • It’s nice when lighters have both the natural and torch so you don’t have to always carry two lighters. good review Bryan.

  • Rick

    I was considering getting a soft flame lighter and having both options in one lighter is great. The ergonomics of the lighter seem decent too. Thanks for the review.

  • Bpope31

    Sweet lighter. How is it so many lighters are extremely expensive. This seems like the perfect lighter to me especially for the price. I’ve already got 2 torch lighters and I’d love to add a natural flame. How many lighters is to many?

  • danzig777

    I’ve had one of these lighters for a couple of months now and its great. The only thing I noticed was that if you press on the trigger to light the torch too hard, the mechanism inside the lighter that releases the fuel will bend over time and it wont release enough fuel to ignite. All you have to do to fix it is bend the piece of metal back and it works fine.

  • stevenknisley

    I’ve been looking for a new light er so I’m going through all you lighter reviews and find this. its cheap and you say its good, its has both types of flames so I don’t see how I could go wrong buying this. Thanks Bryan!

  • Boucher207

    Ive been looking for a decent lighter, i really want a xikar for their lifetime warranty though. But this could be a good candidate.

  • zanlamb

    I’m a strong believer in you get what you pay for. I’m not sure how long this would last. I would go for the Xikar every time.

  • yosef5

    I have a Black Ops Kilo Lighter.
    What do you think about that lighter

  • stevenknisley

    I was looking on buylighters.com and if you like this I found a dual flame lighter called the golf bag and it is awesome paid like $8 for it had it for about a month and it has not dissapointed

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