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La Aroma De Cuba New Blend Monarch Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, November 20, 2009
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La Aroma De Cuba New Blend Monarch Cigar Review

This 6×52 stick offered a very smooth satin medium chocolate wrapper with a nice aroma of dusty cocoa. Draw started out very firm but gradually went down to a very nice amount of resistance as the stick burned. Total burn time to the nub was 1:30, holding the ash between 3/4″ and 1 1/2″ with an almost razor sharp line. Flavors in the first two thirds were very consistent, giving a light creamy leather flavor with a long finish. Pepper and spice built up on the finish giving a zing on the tongue and a heat on the lips. The last third showed the leather to fade out replaced by a smooth tobacco, and the pepper going way down to just barely there. The spice was completely gone by the band point. Thank you very much to Ashton for donating this for review!

  • tedski

    Nice review as always Bryan.

    But what happened @ 5:34? It’s almost like you forgot what you were smoking.

  • %@$! it! Yup, sometimes I do forget the name or just lose my train of thought, and obviously I flubbed the edit on that one.

  • There we go – nothing a little ninja-edit couldn’t cure 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Dave Hansan

    THanks for the review. Smoked 2 of the new blend’s La Aroma’s in a robusto so far. While I liked them I still prefer the old blend, especially the double corona’s. Lot’s of cedar and leather. That has always been one of my favorite stogies. Am I the only that that prefers the old blend?

  • cigarhobby85

    This is by far my favorite go to cigar. It’s just the right sweet with pepper!

  • Orrza

    I was very skeptic before I tried this, as I do to anything involving the word “Cuba” while it isn’t Cuban… I heard good words of it and this review made me give it a try.

    it’s a really pleasant smoke in an affordable price.
    really nice.

  • Sinsandman

    Got this is a gift a couple days ago. Smoked it tonight. Has turned into one of my top smokes. Love it.

  • HerbalJedi

    Great review, what does the red cloth ring signify? Mine have then too

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