Cutter Comparison: Spike vs. Punch vs. Straight vs. Angle

by Bryan Glynn, November 18, 2009

This is a comparison of the major types of different ways to cut a cigar. Shown are the characteristics and differences between the new Cigar Spike, a punch cutter built in to one of my lighters I got from, a traditional straight cut by a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter, and on a torpedo a straight vs. angled cut by a Xikar. The video is in two parts. Photography by BG Pictures.

Along with the videos we have a poll – tell us what your favorite cut is and comment on why!
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  • Kace

    I used to use a draw punch. Man I ruined several cigars with that thing. Lol. I like V cut or perfect cut.

  • MaxDuo

    Nice video series. I’ve never felt a great need to use a punch, I’ve used them a few times at the local B&M and the guy at the desk goes: “Oh that would be a nice one to use a punch on!” just for the heck of it… but feel no huge need to get one now either.

    And the spike doesn’t really seem like something I’d be interested in. I suppose it would be useful if you kept it on a keychain and happened to somehow unexpectly smoke and have a lighter provided by no cutter (I don’t know why this would happen) otherwise… eh. I guess it could be useful for the overly loose draw cigars.

    And there seems no reason why I would want to cut torpedos at a slant, thanks for the time spent on that!

  • Derek

    My Xikar and Palio have both been cutting flawlessly for a few years. I got a nice punch for my birthday 2 years ago and I use it occasionally to mix things up.

  • HerbalJedi

    I love the looks of the Xikar cutters I need to pick one of those up asap and the others are kinda useless imo

  • ObiWanKenobi

    If you punch a cigar with an average punch, you’ll discover your cigar cap stays perfectly in place throughout the entire smoke and the draw is every but as good as if you’d cut the cap off with a $94.50 Xikar cutter. I may one day buy a cutter again but, I doubt it. I almost never cut a cigar anymore. I’m not saying cutters are all marketing and wildly overvalued, I’m saying there is no evidence that a cutter produces anything better than a $1 punch.