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Nov 18

Cutter Comparison: Spike vs. Punch vs. Straight vs. Angle

Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 in Accessory Reviews, Polls

This is a comparison of the major types of different ways to cut a cigar. Shown are the characteristics and differences between the new Cigar Spike, a punch cutter built in to one of my lighters I got from, a traditional straight cut by a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter, and on a torpedo a straight vs. angled cut by a Xikar. The video is in two parts (part two will play automatically after one). Photography by BG Pictures.

Along with the videos we have a poll – tell us what your favorite cut is and comment on why!

What is your preffered cut?

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  • Kace

    I used to use a draw punch. Man I ruined several cigars with that thing. Lol. I like V cut or perfect cut.

  • MaxDuo

    Nice video series. I’ve never felt a great need to use a punch, I’ve used them a few times at the local B&M and the guy at the desk goes: “Oh that would be a nice one to use a punch on!” just for the heck of it… but feel no huge need to get one now either.

    And the spike doesn’t really seem like something I’d be interested in. I suppose it would be useful if you kept it on a keychain and happened to somehow unexpectly smoke and have a lighter provided by no cutter (I don’t know why this would happen) otherwise… eh. I guess it could be useful for the overly loose draw cigars.

    And there seems no reason why I would want to cut torpedos at a slant, thanks for the time spent on that!

  • Derek

    My Xikar and Palio have both been cutting flawlessly for a few years. I got a nice punch for my birthday 2 years ago and I use it occasionally to mix things up.

  • HerbalJedi

    I love the looks of the Xikar cutters I need to pick one of those up asap and the others are kinda useless imo