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San Cristobal Lancero Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, October 30, 2009
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San Cristobal Lancero Cigar Review

This 7.5×38 stick offered an excellent burn and great draw, slightly on the firm side with just the right amount of resistance all the way down. Flavors were rich, intense and bold – yet utterly smooth and never more than medium bodied. Several flavor transitions were present, with some flavors swapping, others coming and going at points. The combinations were very well blended and extremely enjoyable. I picked up combinations of bread, oily leather, earth, cocoa, coffee, espresso, touches of pepper and cream. The finish was long with most of the draw flavor hanging around washing over your mouth. The smoke was especially thick and rich, chewy at points. Thank you very much to Ashton for generously donating this for review!

  • Chaz

    These are some of the best cigars I have ever had (although I have not had the lancero)… I get everything you got, as well as some nutmeg-ish type spice. Don Pepin does it again…

    great review as always!

  • Thank you! And yes I agree 100% the blend is right near my top fav of all time!

  • Lancero’s are a great size. Now days everything is 60 ring gauge. This cigar has a good flavor too cause the ratio filler-wrapper favors the later. I smoked a couple of Robustos and I did not like the San Cristobal a lot, mostly I prefer some sweeter maduros but the Lancero could be my kind of cigar! This one’s came in a DPG sampler. I did not smoke non Cubans with a Cuban name that still in the market, that’s just plagiarism. Take care Bryan! By the way great site, you served as a compass for most of the brands I buy.

  • Tyler

    Have had this baby aging in the humidor for about 2 months and tonight was the night. Got all of the same flavors except the “bread” haha. Got some strong tobacco flavors in the finish in the final third. Also got some nutmeg/allspice in the 2/3. Really enjoyed this cigar and I’m heading to the shop first thing in the morning to try to nab whatever they have left. I love the robustos but this lancero is a whole new ball game.

  • JohnnyStix

    The entire regular line of San Cristobal’s are in my top 2 favorite cigar lines. While good flavors are always a must, I prefer mocha and leather and SC’s contain both. But beyond flavors, I STRONGLY prefer richness in a cigar. Again, SC’s oblige. While there are subtle taste differences in their vitolas, I detect in all of them varying degrees of a doughyness and almost a wild mushroom flavor. For me, these have become both blessing and curse. Blessing, because their availability allows me to keep them on hand. Curse, and this isn’t hyperbole, because they have virtually ruined many a stick from other brands for me. If a stick is anything less than great, I wonder why I didn’t just grab an SC.

  • mikemagri

    this is one of my favs too. rich and bold. always a regular in the humidor.

  • Dirk

    So I was at a liquior/cigar store this week. As I gazed upon the very limited of cigars, the owner came up to me asking what I liked.. a 20 minute conversation was underway. We end up talking at about San Cristobal Cigars.. he told his customers really liked the larger sizes etc.. I told him I have been looking for this cigar in Lancero… and to my suprise his face went blank and he said “You like those skinny sticks” and came up with five of these beauties. He said he has been trying to sell them for two years.. Yes they were in a humidor.. I bought all five for $10 bucks… they are resting in my humidor.. I hope to give one a try in the next two weeks 🙂

  • Fabbio

    Not sure I get the Lancero size. Feels weird to hold when I have handled them.

  • socks

    Just about to order some of these…….great review!

  • socks

    Just smoked one of these…..WOW!!! Delicious. The bread flavor really stands out

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