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Ashton Classic 898 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, October 19, 2009
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Ashton Classic 898 Cigar Review

This 6.5×44 stick offers a light tan wrapper with small veins and a thin slightly soft wrapper. The flavor profile was very complex with changes happening every few minutes to the band point. Total burn time to the band was 1:15 where it got a little warm for my taste but still had a good inch left. Flavors included earth, leather, cinnamon, spice, pepper, cocoa, coffee, mocha and creme in various combinations as the stick burned down. Overall the body was medium, with touches on either side growing as it burned. Draw also changed significantly, from very firm to just on the loose side with the perfect resistance by the 1/2 way point. Thank you very much to Ashton Cigars for generously sending this sample for review!

  • I also noticed the cinnamon on this one. Very tasty!!

  • cubalibre4evr

    How do you taste cinnamon Bryan? I’ve tasted spice but have never tasted a cinnamon spice.

    • I stand on one leg, wave my left arm and spin anti-clockwise 😉

  • Pauly1

    Hi Bryan,

    I check out your site so often that I figured I should register. I really enjoyed this review, as Ashton classics are amongst my favorites. Any plans to do a Robusto review? I love this line of cigars and would curious to get your take on another size. Keep up the good work!


  • there’s nothing that could go wrong as long as there’s coffee, mocha, and cinnamon in it. hated the leather in this one though. it’s like im sniffing our sofa. or maybe I didn’t burn it right to perfectly hit the leather note.

  • JHylk717

    Going to my B&M tomorrow and am going to give the same stick (but in Churchill) a try, can’t wait!

  • Bpope31

    Was gifted one of these before. A great smoke which really got me wanting to try more. I like Maduros so that will be my next purchase. My Ashton ceramic ashtray is also great. Been using it inside and out for several years with no scratches, dents, or cracking.

    • Kace

      I am a novice smoker. My ashtray right now is an old coffee can. LOL. I just recently got a decent torch lighter and cutter. Ashtray will be one of my next investments.

      • david121

        definitely try this stick!

  • benjammin94

    Gorgeous stick, the nuttiness did it for me and was a really nice smooth smoke. Brought me luck at the casino as well!

  • david121

    one of my favorite sticks. i love the flavors and the smoke output. i try to keep a few these laying around at all times. great review!

  • D-BO


    • Andrew

      I agree that the strength is very low, but I did not find it want for flavor. I was actually surprised how complex and satisfying it was. It is however a bit expensive…

      • There’s a lot of connecticut’s coming out now days that are packed with flavor.

  • kb9311

    Because of this review I bought a five pack sampler and absolutely loved them, ashton is a new favorite.

    • Bigdave

      The Aged Maduro is a great cigar. One of my favorite Maduros.

  • SLCigarClassy101

    For me, the firmness was also there for my first light but it did die down after 5 minutes. I don’t believe I noticed all the flavor changes like you did, Bryan, but the cigar was complex and interesting. A solid 8 in my book.

  • eric.hanson

    I got very lucky a few months ago. One of my local grocery stores actually sells some cigars in their humidor in their spirits section. I’ve gotten a few here there, prices aren’t too high. Well a few months ago they decided to stop selling cigars and marked everything 50% off, and they had some of these in a robusto size for about $4 a stick, I picked up every one they had :). Went to my local B&M last week and saw they wanted like $9 for the very same stick, so glad I was able to get like 6 of them.

  • These are great sticks. Watching the video again makes me want to buy one.

  • HerbalJedi

    Beautiful smoke Ashton is a favorite. I love the cabinets and VSG.

  • ercigar

    New member here, but have been watching your reviews for some time. Just smoked one of these after seeing it on the list for the “premium sampler” and wow! That’s it. Wow. Thanks for the great reviews and recommendations.

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