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Marco V Brazilian Grand Reserve Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, October 16, 2009
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Marco V Brazilian Grand Reserve Cigar Review

This 5×60 dark chocolate stick sports a soft, satin slightly toothy wrapper, with a very good burn all the way down, holding the ash past the 1/2 way point. Draw was excellent with the perfect amount of resistance for a smooth easy draw giving lots of rich cool, medium-full bodied smoke. Flavors were very consistent from the start to the band point, giving a slightly sweet, oily coffee flavor, and a mild pepper & spice kick on the clean finish. At the band point the smoke temp went up a bit and the pepper mostly gave way to a creaminess. Smoke time to the last inch was 1:20. Thank you very much to Marco V Cigars for generously donating this stick for review! Photography by BG Pictures.

  • danlarsen7

    this is my go to cigar when i want something inexpensive and i dont want to be dissapointed.I enjoy there full line of cigars. There smoking lounge is in my favorite smoke shop here in MN. So there readily available. They can be however hard to find in other states because hey are a boutique cigar. Their constuction is great because all their rollers have 15 plus years of experiance and put the appreciation into the cigar. Just though i’d share that witth the CO community. If you can’t find them near you, google marco v and you can order them on their homepage which i believe is http://www.marcov.com

    • JJO

      I have a friend in the Minneapolis area who sent me a couple of the Marco V sticks, and you’re on the money – very enjoyable smokes. From the looks of their retailer list, it seems that they’re available at every store licensed to sell tobacco in Minnesota, but distribution outside of MN is sparse. I need to work out another trade with him. 🙂

  • danlarsen7
  • gholmes9

    Excellent stick! I had my first one today. I bought 10 but will be getting a box. I think I finally found my everyday cigar! Great smoke and the price point is spot on!

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