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Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Torpedo Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, September 14, 2009
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Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Torpedo Cigar Review

This oily wrapped dark chocolate 6.5×52 stick offers a sweet tobacco aroma that is equally matched in it’s flavor profile. The first 1/2 was sweet mellow tobacco with a good little pepper and spice finish from the draw through the long finish. Starting a solid medium, ending a medium-full it never overwhelmed or disappointed. The 2nd half brought some cocoa along, with touches of leather on the finish. Smoke was very rich and plentiful even though the draw was very easy. Burn was excellent all the way down and it lasted 1:45 just past the band point, before starting to get warm. Thank you very much to Pinar Del Rio Cigars for generously donating this stick for review, it’s greatly appreciated!

  • Khyber

    Hey Bryan, check out this lighter. I been using it now for a couple of months and it’s holding up great. It has a ton of fuel capacity. Looks very similar to the Blazer PB-207. For $2.78 shipped, you can’t go wrong.


  • Looks cool! I have a couple great torches, I just prefer flames for a nice slow roast.

  • Nigel

    Are you also into wine? I was thinking that you might be because of your descriptions, but when you mentioned riesling, I imagine you might.

  • I enjoy it a few times a year, but have no one to really share it with – the wife says they all taste bad – lol! But no, not ‘into’ them.

  • CPP


    Thanks for the reviews. Perhaps a silly question, but it seems you take multple cuts of the cap on the torpedoes you review and I was wondering why. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi! No it’s not a silly question at all. I use a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter most of the time, and it’s designed to only take off a small bit with each cut, so I do multiple cuts to get a torpedo where I like it, fairly open. You can see details here: http://cigarobsession.com/2009/06/15/cuban-crafters-perfect-cutter-unboxing-review/

  • Greg Bellante

    Ok Bryan;
    Ya sold me…i just purchased a 10 pack of the P.D.R. Oscuro Torpedo for $23.50 including free shipping. Cigar International has to be the Best Retailer in the business as no one can beat their prices. If this Cigar is half as good as your review i’ll be 1 happy camper. Thanks.

  • HappyTaro

    I had these before and smoked the robusto 2 days ago. One word: ‘Yummy’. I really like PDR’s.

  • Grove52

    Had one of these last night. Great stick! I had a rubusto and it didnt really have much pepper at all but it was very creamy and oily. I definitely have to pick more up. Great Review Bryan!

  • Justin

    Bryan, I don’t buy many boxes, because I like to experiment with variety, but after seeing your review I purchased a box. Not dissapointed at all, great cigar that I look forward to smoking every time. The other offerings by PDR have also been very nice. Thanks for the reviews, yours are the best IMHO. I haven’t seen anyone else having issues with the burn, but I consistently have to touch up the wrapper as I go. It is not a drawback for me because it is so good, but I just know I have to keep the lighter handy throughout. I typically keep my cigars around 71%, but moved these to 66% and it didn’t seem to make much difference. Do the Oscuro wrappers soak up the moisture more than others? Just curious,

    • Give it time, it will take weeks to settle from 71 to 66. Make sure you are using something reliable like beads and a good digital gauge as well.

  • Cripple Capone

    Im gunna have to try this one. Im really starting to think your videos are even more addicting than cigarettes!!! Just watching these videos iv got about 30 different cigars i want to try but im broke most of the time and smoke only 10 or so cigars a year.

  • Bryan you were spot on with this one. I bought a Mazo of these because of you. Flaws that turn me away from some cigars are absent from these. I can’t wait to share one with a friend. The best part, $2.00 a stick delivered. Thank you!

  • Rob

    Bryan, I picked up one of these but it was a toro and had an additional band that said “Liga Cubana No. 2”

    Are you familiar with this blend? It was still a PDR Oscuro. I know you have stated many times that different vitolas can have different flavors due to binder/filler to wrapper ratios, but this seemed like a totally different cigar. My tastes are usually pretty close to what you describe but I mainly got leather, wood and spice out of it. Only a slight bit of sweetness at times during the first third. Anyways, just wondering what you thought or if you know if it is a totally different blend.


    • Same line, new band design. I have only reviewed it in Torpedo. It’s not simply the ratio that changes, the recipes change as well so you can’t expect the exact same of anything in different sizes.

      • Rob

        I am totally blown away from what I got versus what I was expecting…it was by no means bad. It was still a very good blend and I would recommend it as the flavors are strong yet it maintains about a medium strength. I’m going to hunt down the “old” version with the band and vitola in this review. I really want to experience the dessert flavors you described.

        Thanks for the fast response!

  • david121

    i bought a 5 pack of these and the first one i tried was a dud :/
    oh well better luck next time! this stick sounds great

  • SsgtJerikUSMC

    Cigar.com has a great deal on these right now and I had to check out your review Bryan. 20 Cigars for $39.98. One of there spring clean out deals. After watching the review I will be most assuredly moving on that deal!

  • danmdevries

    Dunno how much the blend has changed over the years. But I just smoked one from 8/13 and felt very much the same as your review.

    Im hesitant to buy a current production box, but if I could verify consistency, id be first in line.

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