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Sep 8

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Natural Cigar Review

Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 in Cigar Reviews

This 7×48 stick offered a small open foot, that I would suggest cutting off before lighting, having tried it closed. The first 3rd of this cigar was the most mild experience I have had of any cigar, hands down. Barely any smoke or body, and the flavors were just a touch of sweet wood and a short clean finish. Pretty much like sucking warm air. The half way point finally woke it up, producing a normal amount of smoke, bringing the body and strength up to a medium point, adding flavors of caramel, nuts, creamy wood and leather at points, with a small spice kick on the finish. The last third brought a longer finish and higher strength, actually giving me a little buzz, although the body did not follow. The flavors near the end went to just a smooth nut and toasty taste with a parched finish.

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  1. new2sticks says:

    Just got one today, and I loved it. Your review was spot on! Ashame the price doesn’t match the “everyday smoke” quality of it. Could stand to lose a couple dollars on the retail. Thanks for the review.

  2. morpi167 says:

    I almost picked one of these up at my b&m the other day but now I’m glad I didn’t! That first half just would’ve seemed like a dud to me.

  3. Philly5800 says:

    This is my favorite cigar. I buy a box at a time. I tend to take more puffs, so I get to the pepper changes quicker. I love the smoke it puts off and also the wrapper is really sweet. Feels good on the lips.

  4. hoghead says:

    Purchased at ABC liquor for 8.99 with .99 off.
    July 25/13 put flame to it…the cigar performed fine, but was not worth smoking for me. For the $8. I would of enjoyed a Padron, any line over this. Not that it was bad but there was no redeeming taste to enjoy…not that it tasted bad, but I kept asking why am I smoking this instead of a Padron or an Oliva v M series. I won’t purchase anymore of these.

    Thanks for the review Brian


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