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Aug 28

Fuente Fuente Opus X Robusto Cigar Review

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2009 in Cigar Reviews

This 5.25×50 stick offered a very full bodied experience! Not for the new smoker for sure. The flavor combination was very unique, offering a VERY rich chewy smoke with notes of leather, oak, spice, caramel, coffee – all quickly transitioning from one to the next on every draw. The finish was surprisingly short and clean, with a pepper kick that went from big to average as the stick went down. Most notable was the difference between this size as the one I recently did, the Super Belicoso. This size offered a truly unique blend to me, at least so far. Thank you very much to for generously donating this stick for review, it’s greatly appreciated!

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  1. Jérémie says:

    Now that’s a perfect light !

    Great review.

  2. John says:

    This review I must wholeheartedly agree with. Recently smoked a petite lancero in the Opus line. For the ridiculous price i paid for that stick, I was underwhelmed. However, when my current tobacconist was selling the robusto for a fair price, I picked one up. you were on the money with your review and I was blown away. Thanks for the review!

  3. Jarred says:

    Great web site, just discovered it, I am new to Cigar smoking, found out recently on a Cruise that my Wife & I were on that I actually like Cigars! Love your videos.

  4. mike says:

    I picked one of these up for celebratory purposes. At first I wasn’t impressed as it had a weird burn where it just tunneled down the middle of the stick and the outer part did nothing and I couldn’t get any smoke. Needless to say I was just getting annoyed by that point. It took a few touch ups and I lost about an 1 1/2″ of the cigar but i did enjoy it. Your review was spot on about this stick.

  5. it-nurse says:

    Thanks for the review. Might spend the $ for one now!

  6. Kace says:

    Wow, aren’t these about $30 a stick. You should be praised for your reviews because I am sure there are people that drop the money on the expensive sticks and are dissapointed because its not what they are used to or prefer. Great work!

  7. fabio2191 says:

    i just tried this cigar for lunch was an interesting experience for what I have tried

  8. eric.hanson says:

    I always try to keep a few sticks from the Opus line sitting in my humidor as a nice treat on a special occassion, some of my favorite sticks.

  9. dcpeters says:

    Glad to see a great review on this Cigar. I keep on wanting to try one and splurge with the money. I figured id check your review. Can’t wait to try 1 (or 2) in the near future. Thanks!

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