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Arturo Fuente Anejo #50 Cigar Review

by Bryan Glynn, August 24, 2009
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This 5.1×50 maduro stick offers a blend similar to the OpusX inside it’s dark chocolate brown wrapper. The pack is very firm and dense, typical of a Fuente. The first draws provided a big pepper kick, medium-full body and rich flavors of coffee, earth and wood on the long finish. The finish stayed long throughout, changing to leather and nuts with the pepper coming and going but never as strong as the very start. Overall flavors transitioned a few times to leather, wood, nuts, hints of caramel – always staying very rich smooth and satisfying. The burn was very good, draw was excellent and the ash stayed straight and tight all the way down. Thank you very much to CigarsDirect.com for generously donating this stick for review, it’s greatly appreciated!

For Premium Cigars go to Cigarsdirect.com. This Arturo Fuente Anejo #50 can be found here.

  • ryan m

    I’ve never found these to be quite as smooth as the opux x, what’s your experience?

  • I think the body was just as smooth, not the I would call an Opus overly-smooth in the first place. But the Anejo certainly can have a bit more pepper bite that can distract from smoothness.

  • ron

    Never treid one of these but just picked up 6. cant wait. Thanks for the review.

  • Steve

    I actually found an Anejo in a Mike’s cigar’s sampler (“economic recovery sampler”)

    Might be worth checking out. Not a bad deal.

  • Ron

    What cigar has the strongest sense of pepper?

    • Just about all of the Padrons

      • danlarsen7

        I find that most Don Pepin Garcia cigars have a very intense pepper kick. Jaime Garcia Special Reserve almost choked me out. The My Father line usually consists of pepper bombs as well, but are all really good cigars.

  • Drewjangles

    What sorta things can you tell about the cigar from the ash?

    • The color can tell you about the soil quality – but basically I’m only mentioning it to let you know how long it holds on for, for practical reasons. Some cigars will hold on for a couple inches or more and you don’t have to worry about it falling off on your lap. Others barely make 1/2″ or just flake apart and make a mess.

  • boony

    Is the ash any kind of an indicator of the quality of the cigar?

    • No. The color of the ash has to do with the mineral content of the soil where the tobacco was grown and is not indicative of quality. Dominican tobacco tends to give a lighter colored ash where cigars from Cuba tend to have a dark ash.

  • Interesting review. I generally percieve a much sweeter flavor than you did.


    After having both the anejo line and the opus x line I have to say that I enjoy the anejo line a little bit more. Great reviews keep them up.

  • eric.hanson

    I got one of these in a sampler back in April bu it’s just been sitting in my humidor. This review makes me want to try it tonight, sounds like a great stick.

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